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5 Travel Outfits You Must Take On Your Next Adventure

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Jetsetting fashionistas are as eager to post their #wanderlust Instagram photos as they are to actually travel to their token destination. Sometimes, we all get a little swept away by the “pictures or it didn’t happen” mentality - and hey, that’s okay! While the beauty of traveling is in the adventure itself, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look beautiful as you explore new cultures and cities! Before you get frustrated in your hotel room feeling like you have nothing to wear, tap into some style inspiration with these must-have travel outfits to pack on your next trip!

1. The Beachside Babe

Okay, so say you’re headed to a tropical destination complete with turquoise water, white, sandy beaches, and palm trees for days. You already know how much time you’ll spend sipping on drinks while you’re soaking up the sun. If you don’t want to pay for that golden tan with fine lines and premature wrinkles, then protecting yourself from the sun is priority number one!

You can still look super cute while shielding yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays by rocking this look:
  • Wide-brimmed straw hat that provides plenty of facial shade
  • Dark-lense sunnies to protect your eyes with circular, Boho-inspired frames
  • A crocheted, full-length slip to cover up between tanning sessions
  • Flirty wedged sandals to give your legs some added length
Bonus points for picking up a dainty parasol for extra sun protection!

2. Mountain Chic

Going up to the mountains for some fresh air? Looking cute in cold weather can feel like quite the challenge but it all depends on the right layering strategy! Take Timberland’s fall line as a prime example; there you’ll find plenty of creative options to get into the rural yet refined aesthetic. 

Bundle up in your favorite outerwear with a strategy like this:
  • Distressed denim that exudes a mountain-esque vibe
  • A warm Henley thermal in neutral tones to match with any ensemble
  • A drape-front cardigan that makes you feel as cozy as you are stylish
  • Wrap a woven scarf around you for an accessory that doubles as a blanket
  • Timeless ankle boots to tie the outfit altogether

3. The Edgy European

If your next adventure is trans-Atlantic, you’ll need to up your style game to stay on par with the fashion-forward Europeans. If you were taking fashion tips from a Parisian, they’d tell you that your clothes should be properly fitted with minimal accessories. You should shop for quality over quantity here; a genuine leather jacket will speak much louder than a shabby sweater from Forever 21. 

Here’s what we suggest you go for:
  • Black, high-waisted jeans cropped at the ankle
  • A brightly colored graphic tee with bold patterns
  • A leather moto jacket that looks like it was made to ride a Vespa
  • An oversized purse to turn heads while toting souvenirs
  • Cute loafer flats that show the world you mean business

4. Museum Meanderer

Want to look effortlessly chic as you tour your way through foreign cities? Who doesn’t! On days where your itinerary is chock-full of museum tours, go with a smartly styled ensemble that might just fool everyone into believing you’re smart enough to lead the tour group! 

To achieve that lovely librarian look, pack the following:
  • A plaid mini-skirt
  • Pair your skirt with a semi-sheer navy blouse
  • Complete your layers with a cropped blazer boasting strong shoulders
  • Pick out a cute pair of white Keds that are perfect for walking around all day
  • Accessorize with a pair of cat-framed eyeglasses (shhh… we won’t tell that they’re fake!)

5. City Lights Style

Whether it’s a trip to the Big Apple to a cross-continental flight to the streets of Tokyo, going to the city means putting together your most cutting-edge looks. We’re talking asymmetrical cuts, neon accents, and shoes that can make any sneakerhead jealous.
  • Baggy, cut-out jeans cinched flatteringly at the waist
  • An oversized tee resonant of the nineties, partially tucked in at the belt
  • The latest Yeezy Boost adidas
  • A flashy unisex watch that’ll stand out in any pose

What you should pack on your next adventure depends entirely on your location of choice and the look that you’re going after. Don’t forget to bring along all your travel beauty essentials to complete your look! Once you get glammed out from head-to-toe, all your followers back home will definitely be #instajealous.