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Loving Lately

Time for another Loving Lately! Yes long overdue. However, it just gave me longer to try these products and ensure that they would indeed make my list of favorites. So here we go!

Josie Maran is definitely one of my all-time favorite skincare brands. Argan Balm is formulated with argan oil and shea butter and is perfect for this dry skin fall weather. You can use it anywhere on the body needing moisture to hydrate skin.

My favorite places to slather on Argan Balm are calloused feet, frayed cuticles, and even cracked lips. Treat your driest skin to this balm, packed with argan oil. It is a go-to solution for any and all dry-skin woes from head to toe. It will create a barrier that protects your skin with all-natural and organic ingredients like 100% Pure Argan Oil, shea butter, and soothing essential oils.

Speaking of dry cuticles, Therapeutic Cuticle Oil from Dr.'s Remedy is formulated with a trio of nourishing natural oils for supreme conditioning. Even anti-fungal, this cuticle oil intensely hydrates nails and skin and revives dry, cracked cuticles on contact. It is fast-absorbing with no greasy-feel. The luxe yet-lightweight drops deliver deep conditioning with an organic blend of comforting Lavender Oil, antioxidant-rich Grape Seed Oil, Algae Extract and purifying Tea Tree Oil.

Next up are two of Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish shades that will take you straight into fall.  SOULFUL Slate Blue is intensely calming and effortlessly chic. PERFECT Petal Pink is a wearable sheer pastel that goes-with-everything and looks-great-on-anyone. Both shades consist of the fabulous Dr.'s Remedy Formula. Podiatrist formulated, it is enriched with Garlic Bulb Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Wheat Protein and Vitamins C and E.


It's time to try another great pair of Waldläufer [valt-loy-fer] shoes! This time we are going with an oxford style in classic forest green. Meet Hanah. She is a walking oxford that provides a chic alpine-inspired style along with incredible comfort features. Constructed with full-grain leathers and excellent support and stability, the Hanah will have you looking and feeling great every time you wear them.

There are so many great things about these shoes. First, they are so comfortable. Made with removable footbeds featuring arch and metatarsal support, they hug your feet in comfort. I can wear these all day without my feet hurting or feeling sore. 

The next thing I love is the super-soft suede and the furry accent. The color is just perfect for winter. It goes with pretty much everything and can be used as a natural in your wardrobe. How cute is that fur sticking out of the tongue?! It is a perfect complement to an already cozy and cute oxford! 

Speaking of cute, there are actually specks of shimmer in the suede! Hard to pick up on a photo, but it makes these sturdy shoes just a bit more feminine. So smart. The Hanah keeps your feet toasty, yet not too hot. Perfect for a brisk walk or inside winter wear.

Waldläufer uses only high-quality materials to create shoes with a flexible fit and clever design. That unique handcrafted skill can be both seen and felt on every pair of Waldläufers that I have worn. If you are looking for a new everyday casual or even a new pair of boots, visit Waldlä to check out all of their options!

SHOP THIS POST :: You can purchase the Hanah Hitomi Oxfords for $175.

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Erin Condren Wall Organization Center

Now that we are into October, I am also back in the classroom. This means I am also back to being busy and trying to keep everything organized. Erin Condren to the rescue! I have taken my office to the next level with Erin Condren’s newest desk organization product - the Wall Organization Center!

Designed with an organization expert, the Wall Organization Center will work for anyone. Families, teachers, couples, students ... it will fit seamlessly and stylishly into any home, classroom, dorm room, or wherever you need it. They allow you to create an instant central organization hub that will keep everyone organized.

I was gifted four different products (thanks EC) to complete my Wall Organization Center. I started with (1) the Signature Weekly Schedule Wall Organization Center. There are 20 Unique Wall Organization Center Options in either a black or white frame. I chose the weekly schedule with a customized message - leave a little sparkle wherever you go!

Expand the function and fashion of your Wall Organization Center with slide-on wall organizer accessories. No more lost keys, missing receipts or wandering writing tools! The three products I chose came bundled in the Wall Organization Cork Accessories Set, but they can also be purchased individually. The 3 Knob Key Holder (2), Pencil Cup (3), and the 13" Cork Strip (1) just slide onto the base. The Wall Organization Center measures 24x18 in size and requires some installation. However, we found the setup is incredibly simple!

This organization system is so smart! Not only is it incredibly practical, but it also elevates the decor of the room you display it in! The options are endless. I am using mine as a weekly calendar, but as you can see in the pic above, you can really taylor it to fit your needs.

Whether you need a chore chart, a monthly calendar, a habit tracker, a meal planner, you will need to use just use wet erase markers to write on the frame. Another great feature? The frame is interchangeable, so you can change the way you use it anytime you want. How smart! If you are new to Erin Condren, you can receive a $10 off coupon from Erin Condren via email by signing up here. How are you going to use your Erin Condren Wall Organization Center?

Pixi Beauty Week | Day 6 | Vitamin-C Collection

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It is the last day of Pixi Beauty Week, but we are ending with one of my favorite collections from Pixi, it's the Vitamin-C Skincare Collection. The Vitamin-C craze has been popping up all over skincare brands as of late. It is easy to see why. Vitamin-C is known for its brightening effect and antioxidant benefits.

Summer may be on its way out, but you can keep your skin shining bright with these favorites. The pump on the Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser confused me at first. But then I realized it was a cleansing water meant to be applied with a cotton pad. This antioxidant cleansing water contains ferulic acid and probiotics help to preserve and protect the skin.

Love Pixi Glow Tonic? Of course, you do. But now Pixi offers several alternatives, one being Vitamin-C Tonic. This gentle exfoliating toner helps to brighten and protect. Luminosity is restored, skin tone evens out and pores are minimized.

Curated Quick Reads on Fashion, Beauty, Style + More!

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Information overload is more annoying than ever. I feel that I spend more time scrolling to find relevant content that interests me than I do actually reading interesting articles. That's where Clickher comes in.

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Since downloading the app, I have perused lovely articles on affordable leopard fashion, winning products for healthy locks, styling cute + comfy sneakers, and the sheer dress + statement heels look. Yes, yes, yes, and yes. These all turned out to be interesting reads from cool bloggers, so I definitely appreciated the suggestions.
"Our posts are quick reads your bestie would share with you – if she had time," says Editor-in-Chief Beth Blakely. "We comb through hundreds of pics, videos, and blogs and send only the very best, most helpful stuff – just one great post at a time, a couple times a week," says Blakely.
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NIRA Skincare Laser Age-Defying Laser Treatment at Home

Let's face it. Professional in-office treatments are the best way to achieve age-defying skincare results. However, they are quite pricey and you typically need to make multiple visits. So when I heard about NIRA, I was definitely excited to try this home laser treatment.

How does it work? NIRA uses semiconductor technology combined with a highly specialized infrared laser to trigger your skin on a cellular level. Think of it as taking years off your skin, back to younger days when it naturally produced more collagen and elastin.

Pixi Beauty Week | Day 5 | Rose-Infused Beauty

Grab some rose because we are talkin' rose-infused skincare treats today! You will boost your complexion's radiance on a hydrated journey to dreamy skin. Rose extract is known for anti-inflammatory benefits, while rose oil can be quite hydrating. Antioxidant and skin-conditioning properties are a few more of the benefits of rose-based skincare. Not to mention, rose in any form smells good!

In the order, let's start with makeup removal using Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths. These pre-moistened cleansing cloths effortlessly dissolve makeup while balancing skin. I love using a makeup wipe when I am on the go. They gently remove even waterproof formulas in one easy step. Each soft cloth is infused with chamomile and rose oil to calm skin.

Next, we need to clean our skin using Rose Cream Cleanser. This nourishing cream cleanser will cleanse, calm and condition skin. Enriched with natural botanicals to nourish and fortify, this soothing, gentle cleanser effectively strengthens and softens. A triple threat - Rose Flower Oil moisturizes, Chamomile soothes, and Avocado Oil conditions!

Naturally soothing and skin-balancing, Rose Tonic is a rose-infused favorite. Rich in nutrients, this rose tonic helps to tone, balance pH, minimize redness and calm skin. Use it to normalizes hydration levels and gently remove any impurities. It rehydrates, replenishes and refreshes!

Stylish Gift Guide For The Groomsmen

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There's a lot of essential preparations that go into the average wedding. You need to think about picking a venue, writing out a guest list, picking cute attire for yourselves and the wedding party, hiring the right DJ and photographer and selecting a convenient time and location for those kind enough to attend are all significant, make-or-break calls that don't leave much in the way of room for error.

The good news is that, in the grand scheme of all these other razor’s edge decisions, there is one thing where you have a safe margin of error if you go wrong: gifts for the groomsmen. That’s not to say you can intentionally give them junk or skip it altogether, but in general, most men aren’t going to hold it against you for the rest of their lives if you get them something lame.

That said, even though the consequences of failure aren't especially staggering, you should still put in an excellent effort to get your groomsmen some kind of quality gift as a token of the occasion. After all, they probably spent a whole lot of money suiting up, throwing your bachelor party, traveling if you are having a destination wedding and a whole host of other official duties.

With all that in mind, the least you can do is recognize the efforts they’ve made on your behalf, and get them something that will put a smile on their faces. You don’t have to go broke doing it (especially given everything else you’ve spent money on for the wedding), but here are some stylish ideas for things you can get your groomsmen to thank them for being a part of your special day.

Pixi Beauty Week | Day 4 | Skintreats

I'm back with more Pixi Beauty favorites for you. From fabulous collaborations to lovely lashes and liners to sensational skincare, here is what is new, cool, and pretty from Pixi Beauty! But today, it's all about skintreats!

Need a summer skin renewal? Skintreats include skincare goodies from the Pixi Beauty line. Use these to detoxify, peel, polish, and bring out your inner infamous Pixi glow! Start your skintreats routine by prepping your skin with Peel & Polish.

Infused with natural fruit enzymes and sugar extract, Peel & Polish gently exfoliates and polishes complexion, lifting away dullness. This radiance revealing enzyme peel resurfaces for smoother, softer skin, and a healthy looking glow. Use it 2-3 times a week. Leave it on for 2 minutes to let the enzymes activate. Then wash away your dull skin! It is a summer must-have.

Instantly reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles while moisturizing and soothing your eye area with DetoxifEYE hydrogel eye patches. Containing hyaluronic acid and caffeine, they provide a soothing effect. In the summer months, my eyes get so dry and itchy from the sun. Hydrogel patches infuse the delicate eye area with hydration. Use chilled for an extra depuffing effect!

Pixi Beauty Week | Day 3 | Eye Reflections Shadow Palette

I have been diving into Pixi Beauty lately and I have so many favorites to share with you. So each day this week, I will be highlighting my current Pixi Beauty faves! So without further ado, from fabulous collaborations to lovely lashes and liners to sensational skincare, here is what is new, cool, and pretty from Pixi Beauty!

I have quite a few Pixi Beauty Eyeshadow palettes. Overall, I would say Pixi's formulation of eyeshadow is creamy, pigmented, and smooth. So I was quite excited to try an Eye Reflections Palette, particularly Reflex Light. I was sent a second palette, but unfortunately, it arrived crushed. So just based on the one that I did try, it is stunning!

This 12-hue eyeshadow palette consists of blendable and highly-pigmented metallic shades. Metallic shades are perfect for a summer eye look. The colors are neutral, yet still have the potential to add loads of dimension and luster.

Pixi Beauty Week | Day 2 | Multi Toning Essentials

I have been diving into Pixi Beauty lately and I have so many favorites to share with you. So each day this week, I will be highlighting my current Pixi Beauty faves! So without further ado, from fabulous collaborations to lovely lashes and liners to sensational skincare, here is what is new, cool, and pretty from Pixi Beauty!

Today we will talk about using Pixi Beauty Tonics to create the perfect multi-toning routine for your skin. I received these cute tiny bottles of Glow Tonic and Rose Tonic. They will allow me to take my toning with me why I travel. But first, let's discuss why we should use toning products in our skincare routine.

Pixi Beauty Week | Day 1 | PixiGlow Cake Palette

I have been diving into Pixi Beauty lately and I have so many favorites to share with you. So each day this week, I will be highlighting my current Pixi Beauty faves! So without further ado, from fabulous collaborations to lovely lashes and liners to sensational skincare, here is what is new, cool, and pretty from Pixi Beauty!

On Day 1 of Pixi Beauty Week, we are talking PixiGlow Cake Palettes. These light-diffusing palettes help to achieve a naturally healthy, radiant complexion. The perfectly blended shades will flush the apples of the cheeks and subtly contour with glowing highlights. The shades in the gradient make it easy to create a sheer wash of luminous color that enhances your PixiGlow!

WALDLÄUFER Marigold Hakura Sandals

I had the opportunity to try another great pair of Waldläufer [valt-loy-fer] shoes! This sandal style is perfect for summer. The Marigold Hakura is a versatile sandal with an all leather lining, adjustable velcro straps, and a closed heel. The perfectly supportive fit will take you wherever you go this summer!

I chose the black-white combination and they go with just about anything. The elastic straps on the ankle and over the toes allow you to get a snug fit. Once you have the straps where you need them to go, you quickly realize just how comfortable the Marigold is!

Father's Day Gift Guide

Does your father, your hubby, your partner, or any special guy in your life need the perfect Father's Day gift? Here are some of my top gift picks for him!

If a hat would make the perfect gift, look no further than Tenth Street Hats! After all, a well-worn hat can help make an outfit anything but ordinary. Founded in 1921, their designer hats are made the old way but sold the new way. 

Best Gifts for Teachers

There are so many reasons to show teachers your appreciation. But what do they really want? Well, this teacher is here to give you some great gift ideas. These picks will work for any time of the year: end of the year, holiday, teacher appreciation day, like I said - anytime.

First of all, gift cards are always welcome. Chances are if you get him or her a gift card to Starbucks or Amazon - you will find the teacher recipient quite pleased. We frequent both of these places often and it is always nice to have some extra spending money on hand! Speaking of Amazon, I have created an Amazon Teacher Favorites list that you might want to check out. These are my tried and true favorite teacher must-haves. So if you want to pick out an actual gift as opposed to a gift card, check out my list!

5 Tips for Preparing for an Island Vacation

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When you think of paradise, there’s a good chance that you dream of time on a tropical island. The warm sand between your toes, crystal clear waters, wind in your hair, and not a care in the world. Proper preparation can ensure your picture-perfect vacation doesn’t turn into a tropical storm with these five easy tips.