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Special Delivery from Taste of Home Subscription Box

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You know how much I love subscription boxes. So when I was offered a box from Taste of Home, I was thrilled! Taste of Home is an inspiring community of home cooks bringing family and friends together through a love of delicious food. So it is no surprise that this subscription box is filled with all things yummy. Special Delivery from Taste of Home delivers curated kitchen gadgets, products, and recipes right to your door every season!

Taste of Home is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2018! With a goal of making real human connections through cooking, yummy food, and, entertaining, Special Delivery is special indeed. Each box contains a surprise assortment of spices, herbs, kitchen accessories, recipes, and more, for every level of cook! Let's take a peek inside the fall box.

As you can see, it was simply packed with kitchen goodies. What a fun way to bring some whimsy into the lives of home cooks! The surprise assortment of deliciously fun gifts inspired my inner cook from the moment I looked inside.

I quickly discovered what was making the box so heavy! Each box contains a beautifully photographed cookbook filled with recipes, tasted, tested, and approved by the test kitchen. This huge 25th Anniversary Cookbook is filled with 338 recipes that have stood the test of time. From weeknight dinners to ultimate desserts, you have practically a whole year's worth of recipes at your fingertips.

Must have cooking gadgets like this Cutting Board, Skinny Spatula, and Microplane Zester will help you create fabulous meals. The cutting board is the perfect size for mincing garlic or chopping onions. The spatula features a flexible blade that makes it easy to maneuver. The box came with some great tips for using a zester. Did you ever think to use it to soften butter?

As a bonus, you will also find a tasty selection of recipe cards to help you get started with the
gifts received in each box! How delish does this Spiced Butternut Squash Chili look? The recipe utilizes the next goodie - the spice!

I used the Spicy Chocolate Cinnamon Cane Sugar in my morning mocha, but it has so many uses! How about some Mexican Crinkle Cookies with a Kick? That recipe card is included as well.

More handy bonuses like this conversion magnet, an all-purpose cloth, and small clips will be useful in every kitchen. Are you ready to indulge in the very best surprises and discover new brands all expertly selected to wow and excite home cooks everywhere? I love my Special Delivery from Taste of Home Subscription Box and I think you will too!

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