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CrapChute Parachute Fabric Bags

CrapChute Bags combine the strength of parachute materials with handy collapsible bags for everyday use. This versatile, light-weight, resilient and incredibly strong catch-all bag is perfect for - well basically whatever you need it for. Take it to the beach, take it to the market, take it to the park, use it as a diaper bag, use it as a wet bag, use it to garden - it is your go-to bag.

The Hand Bag is lightweight, made with a ripstop weave, and will hold a massive load. Like up to 100 lbs massive. This means you can hold a bunch of gear or groceries with only one bag! It folds up into a little pouch you can easily take with you. Then when you are ready to stuff it, just open it up and stuff your "crap" in it. Pun intended.

The Shoulder Bag holds the same amount of stuff but just has a different handle design. Either style you choose features two usable pockets and folds into itself! These handcrafted parachute fabric bags are perfect for your everyday adventures.

Features I love the most? It folds into the attached pocket, it holds up to 100 lbs of stuff, it is made of mildew and water resistant fabric, the parachute fabric also resists tearing, and of course the two convenient pockets! I like to keep a CrapChute Bag with me at all times - in my car, my handbag, my beach bag, my school bag - you just never know when you need that extra bag to stuff your crap in.

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