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Special Delivery from Taste of Home Subscription Box

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You know how much I love subscription boxes. So when I was offered a box from Taste of Home, I was thrilled! Taste of Home is an inspiring community of home cooks bringing family and friends together through a love of delicious food. So it is no surprise that this subscription box is filled with all things yummy. Special Delivery from Taste of Home delivers curated kitchen gadgets, products, and recipes right to your door every season!

Taste of Home is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2018! With a goal of making real human connections through cooking, yummy food, and, entertaining, Special Delivery is special indeed. Each box contains a surprise assortment of spices, herbs, kitchen accessories, recipes, and more, for every level of cook! Let's take a peek inside the fall box.

As you can see, it was simply packed with kitchen goodies. What a fun way to bring some whimsy into the lives of home cooks! The surprise assortment of deliciously fun gifts inspired my inner cook from the moment I looked inside.

I quickly discovered what was making the box so heavy! Each box contains a beautifully photographed cookbook filled with recipes, tasted, tested, and approved by the test kitchen. This huge 25th Anniversary Cookbook is filled with 338 recipes that have stood the test of time. From weeknight dinners to ultimate desserts, you have practically a whole year's worth of recipes at your fingertips.

Must have cooking gadgets like this Cutting Board, Skinny Spatula, and Microplane Zester will help you create fabulous meals. The cutting board is the perfect size for mincing garlic or chopping onions. The spatula features a flexible blade that makes it easy to maneuver. The box came with some great tips for using a zester. Did you ever think to use it to soften butter?

As a bonus, you will also find a tasty selection of recipe cards to help you get started with the
gifts received in each box! How delish does this Spiced Butternut Squash Chili look? The recipe utilizes the next goodie - the spice!

I used the Spicy Chocolate Cinnamon Cane Sugar in my morning mocha, but it has so many uses! How about some Mexican Crinkle Cookies with a Kick? That recipe card is included as well.

More handy bonuses like this conversion magnet, an all-purpose cloth, and small clips will be useful in every kitchen. Are you ready to indulge in the very best surprises and discover new brands all expertly selected to wow and excite home cooks everywhere? I love my Special Delivery from Taste of Home Subscription Box and I think you will too!

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Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planner

I have been using an Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planner for years! It is simply the most organized and comprehensive teacher planner I have come across. But this year, it got even better. Erin Condren really listened and delivered a brand new Teacher Lesson Planner, with an updated layout and refreshed design!

How adorable is this cover? I chose the Marquee Lesson Planner with a black spiral. I added my own phrase (which I saw on Instagram somewhere) and voila! My very own personalized cover. Each teacher planner comes with a secure and stylish removable interchangeable cover. So when (if) I get sick of this one, I can switch and swap it out for a new design as often as I like. I save all of my old covers, so I have plenty of options already.

I love the changes inside too - like this one. The lesson planning pages are now predated. No more filling in all of the dates ourselves. The two-page monthly calendar spreads are predated as well. I love using these pages to track meetings, conferences, special events, and more!

This is also one of my favorite places to get really creative and add fun pops of color. The A+ Style Sticker Pad is the perfect way to do that. You get 16 pages of 1000+ stickers to transform any to-do into a stunning can do! 

You can tell that Erin Condren really listened to what teacher's needed. This is evident with the inclusion of must-haves like a communication log. It was designed to log any conflict and resolutions in the classroom. Document everything - and now we can.

I also love the planning pages that come before and after the monthly spreads. This is a great place to make plans for the month, fill out a monthly theme, plan for material to be covered, and more. When I have an idea, I just turn to these pages and jot it down. Easy peasy.

Yet another great feature is the 2018-2019 mini monthly spread at the front of the planner. I recommend using the Colorful Circles Sticker Pack to develop a color-coding system for marking school holidays and breaks. This colorful pack of translucent colorful circles allows you to easily see the big picture and make plans accordingly. 

The new layout makes so much sense! For example, now you'll see your lesson plans for the weeks of that month right behind the month. Set your intentions, see your month and then plan out those four weeks of lessons. This layout is a simple, streamlined, and effective way of viewing lesson planning and I know it will help me be my most productive self.

Are you ready to plan for your best year yet? Along with these great updates, the teacher lesson planner is also full of fun surprises like four pages of coiled in stickers (some metallic) and a dual-sided folder! Track the productivity of your students with the coiled in student checklist pages. You can always upgrade your experience with extra checklist pages, added page protectors, and of course, accessories!

One of my favorite accessories this year has been the Teacher Snap-In StylizedSticky Notes. This classroom-chic set of sticky notes includes modern takes on traditional teaching supplies like pencils and apples with metallic accents and on-trend typography! The whole set snaps right into the coils of your teacher lesson planner. I love them! Happy lesson planning teachers!

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Get Glow-y with Pixi Beauty

You know how much I love working with Pixi Beauty! They always send me the latest and greatest to share with you guys! From fabulous collaborations to lovely lashes and liners to sensational skincare, here is what is new, cool, and pretty from Pixi.

Liquid Fairy Lights are light-reflecting super-glimmers that will make any eye look sparkle! This long-wearing, liquid glimmer eyeshadow lights up the eyes with super sparkles to create an ethereal look. Infused with chamomile and rose extracts, it even soothes and hydrates.

If you want major sparkle factor, this is how you do it. Apply liquid fairy lights directly on bare eyelids or over eye makeup as a topper. Use your finger or a brush to pat and blend as desired. This liquid glitter eyeshadow delivers a Pixi-Perfect 3D glimmer, due to a unique blend of multi-sized pearl pigments.

Glow-y Gossamer Duos are luminous miracle powder that lightens, brightens, and adds the prettiest glow, all while looking natural on the skin. Super silky gossamer-soft powder highlighter creates a lit-from-within luminosity. Perfectly pigmented with a creamy skin-like texture, it looks natural in any light. 

Use on cheek and brow bones, or anywhere you want to add a touch of glow. Just buff on and blend! Choose from Subtle Sunrise or Delicate Dew. They are both stunning!

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Lauren Bashawl Booty Shawl

Stylish hip wraps designed to smooth your silhouette over tights, skinny jeans, or even yoga pants? That's a Booty Shawl. From studio to street, it expands your wardrobe to include your favorite short tops making it absolutely ideal for layering.

So genius! Now you're not limited to those couple of long sweaters that cover your bits and pieces. Available in four versatile styles, you will find that Booty Shawls come in a variety of yummy textures and fabrics. I was lucky enough to try the super cute and flirty - Lauren Bashawl.

What do I love about the Lauren Bashawl? Let's start with the 4” wide, tummy-holding waistband. Yes, please. I also love the fuller-eased skirt that glides over curvier hips. Her slightly flared skirt crosses over on the left leg for flirty, flouncy entrances and exits. Pocket? Absolutely. Lauren’s got an integrated pocket in the waistband that secretly holds your valuables.

You can pair Lauren Bashawl with boots and a jacket for a business edgy look. Or you can take it up a notch for a night out with heels and a blouse. So versatile, try pairing Lauren with a pair of yoga leggings to take your look from class to sass.

I chose the Lauren Bashawl in lightweight black burnout. I love the camo look and this goes with so many things! I wore it all summer long and I am most definitely going to take Lauren with me into fall.

How much do you love the Booty Shawl? Which style is your favorite? With so many style possibilities, I wonder which Boot Shawl I will choose next?

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CrapChute Parachute Fabric Bags

CrapChute Bags combine the strength of parachute materials with handy collapsible bags for everyday use. This versatile, light-weight, resilient and incredibly strong catch-all bag is perfect for - well basically whatever you need it for. Take it to the beach, take it to the market, take it to the park, use it as a diaper bag, use it as a wet bag, use it to garden - it is your go-to bag.

The Hand Bag is lightweight, made with a ripstop weave, and will hold a massive load. Like up to 100 lbs massive. This means you can hold a bunch of gear or groceries with only one bag! It folds up into a little pouch you can easily take with you. Then when you are ready to stuff it, just open it up and stuff your "crap" in it. Pun intended.

The Shoulder Bag holds the same amount of stuff but just has a different handle design. Either style you choose features two usable pockets and folds into itself! These handcrafted parachute fabric bags are perfect for your everyday adventures.

Features I love the most? It folds into the attached pocket, it holds up to 100 lbs of stuff, it is made of mildew and water resistant fabric, the parachute fabric also resists tearing, and of course the two convenient pockets! I like to keep a CrapChute Bag with me at all times - in my car, my handbag, my beach bag, my school bag - you just never know when you need that extra bag to stuff your crap in.

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