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Elevate Your Yoga Practice with the Yogi Surprise Subscription Box

Hey yogis! This one is for you. Yoga + Subscription Box = Yogi Surprise. Live Your Dharma. By curating products made by people all over the world who share a dharma of giving and aiming to make the world a better place, Yogi Surprise offers this constant intention through each lovingly curated box.

Yogi Surprise offers curated yoga subscription boxes dedicated to enhancing your yogic journey, both on and off your mat. Each product in their themed boxes is purposefully selected to enrich your practice and nurture your dharma. On the mat, you will receive the coolest yoga must-haves to enhance your practice. Off your mat, you will receive products that allow you to live in your dharma fully from your heart and soul. I received a monthly box to review and here is what was inside!

The theme of this box was Bliss Out and the idea was that these products were meant to enrich your journey to wellness, wholeness, and joy. So a wellness candle is a perfect place to start! Light the Bee Lucia Lavender & Amethyst Wellness Candle to create an environment that inspires creativity and inner peace.

Let the beautiful combination of soothing lavender and grounding amethyst invigorate your senses with a calming and peaceful energy. The lavender will soothe your soul and the amethyst will access the transformative energy of healing. This healing candle smells divine.

The box also included this A Little Bit of Meditation book by Amy Leigh Mercree. This is an easy-to-use, informative introduction to meditation. Meditation is a proven method of finding calm and coping with our crazy world. Amy Leigh Mercree explores the history of this ancient practice as well as its practical applications, including decreased anxiety and a more contented life. 

In addition to outlining the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ramifications of meditating, she includes a selection of easy-to-follow guided meditations. Amy Leigh Mercree’s motto is “Live joy. Be kind. Love unconditionally.” She counsels women and men in the underrated art of self-love to create happier lives. 

Beautifully crafted in Nepal, this singing bowl can be used for yoga, meditation, and spiritual healing. The sound and vibrations promote a relaxed state. This attractive bronze Buddhist bowl comes as a set that includes a wooden striker as well as a decorative pillow cushion. 

Sound from Tibetan Singing Bowls entrain the brain to move into the Theta brain wave frequencies that induce deep meditative and peaceful states, clarity of mind, and intuition. The sound vibrations impact our nervous system, engaging our relaxation reflex and inhibiting the stress or pain response. I would have never known about such a unique instrument had it not been for Yogi Surprise!

This colorful woven cotton anklet from Matr Boomie features accenting brass beads and a matching Hamsa charm. It is meant to be worn during meditation to ground yourself. 

The symbol of the hamsa on this delicate anklet welcomes the gifts of abundance and goodness into your life. It also invites you to flow with energy.

The final product in my box eas 3-in-1 Hair Protection Serum from Derma-E. This deep conditioning serum is fortified with vitamin-rich rosehip and coconut oils, wuinoa protein and burdock root extract. This combination helps to moisturize and strengthen dry, damaged hair leaving it soft, smooth and silky. Just massage one to two pumps on clean, damp or dry hair. I love using this before I style my hair.

The Yogi Surprise subscription box includes yogi essentials like pure essential oils, natural skincare and body care products, candles, intention setting crystals, yoga props, accessories, books, handmade journals, incense, and so much more. It’s no wonder fellow yogis can’t wait to get their monthly box. Are your ready to open a box to the wonder and magic of you? See below for a special offer!

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