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AiroSpa Face-Down Pillow

Give the gift of relaxation with the AiroSpa Pillow. This multi-purpose aromatherapy pillow can be used anywhere. It features a built-in fan, air-flow vents, and a face-down angled construction. The AiroSpa Pillow can be used as a massage experience enhancer or on its own for a calming and relaxing experience.

The AiroSpa Pillow has a built-in fan that disperses a relaxing aroma of pure essential oils. This produces calming stress relief. The face-down position could also lead to a reduction in neck and shoulder pain, as well as improved posture. Other benefits include a reduction or resolution to snoring and enhanced breathing.

You could just place your face on the AiroSpa Pillow and relax. But to take relaxation to the next level, simply place 1-3 drops of the essential oil of your choice into the patented diffuser system and then place it inside the pillow. The diffuser then circulates the scent throughout the pillow’s chamber and out the side vents, creating a cool and refreshing experience like no other. Then enjoy a healthful and relaxing aromatherapy session.

Six Aromatherapy Oils are included. The included oils are Jasmine, Geranium, Lavender, Chamomile, Rose and Ylang Ylang. Relax and rejuvenate your senses. Insert the fan diffuser inside the Airospa Pillow, pick the right essential oil and delve into an amazing aromatherapy session.

It was easy to inflate my AiroSpa Pillow. It has a soft top which makes it more comfortable to lie on. I love how it keeps the spine in alignment while you relax. It can also be used as a massage pillow without the need for a massage table. Since the pillow features a hole in it for the face, the shoulders and neck can be worked on without needing to turn the head to one side or the other.

Since the pillow is inflatable, it can be packed tightly for travel, camping trips, or even for use on the beach. Tanning pillow anyone? Take your pillow to the beach or the poolside and get a perfect tan while you lounge with your face down. It utilizes a bacteria repelling skin that is fully waterproof and washable.

You can rest easy face down with the uniquely contoured Airospa Pillow. This patented design makes it easy to sleep on your stomach, facing down, with fresh air flow through its ventilation system. What a great gift idea for someone that needs to relax!

The Airospa Pillow ultimate relaxation kit includes an inflatable Face-Down Angled Pillow, a built-in patented fan system, and six Pure Essential Oils.

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