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5 Reasons Why Teachers Need to Check Out Oriental Trading

Did you know that Oriental Trading is the perfect place for teacher supplies and resources? Now that it is fall and we are in our classrooms, it becomes apparent to us which areas we still need to tweak. Perhaps you need more efficient storage solutions. Maybe you are looking for classroom incentives. You might even want to enhance your current curriculum. Whatever the need, here are five reasons why teachers need to check out Oriental Trading!

Learn365 by Oriental Trading is a one-stop-shop for those who develop, teach, and inspire children. From curriculum-support products, everyday education essentials and art supplies to classroom d├ęcor, hands-on games and activities, you will find hand-picked teacher products. Housed in one convenient location and at values that help you maximize your budget, Oriental Trading makes learning fun for less.

As teachers, we know that classroom libraries are designed to be interactive learning centers that ignite a lifelong interest in reading. The assortment of products at Oriental Trading for classroom library organization will make any teacher very happy. We want to ignite our students' passion for reading, writing, and learning, and an organized library will do just that. 

Organize your classroom library with book bins, crates, or these double-sided shelf dividers! They can be used to designate books by genres, authors, or reading level. You can also have students use them to indicate that a book has been removed.

Not only do I use mine in my classroom library, I also use mine to organize my teacher binders. It is a work in progress, but I have a vision! They also hold the binders up from falling over.

Keep classroom books accessible, neat, and organized with these durable book storage bins. Whether you're a teacher who's a classroom organizer or a parent who likes to keep bookshelves and rooms neat and tidy, there is nothing more appealing to an eager reader than an organized library.

There are so many fun ways to motivate and reward students. With over 850 different awards and incentives to choose from, Oriental Trading's collection of smartly-priced rewards are truly in a class of their own. From adorable rubber duckies and glow-in-the-dark toys to treasure chest assortments and rubber bracelets, they have what you need.

I thought this Mini Eraser Assortment was so cute! I can't tell you how much my students love them! You can use them as prizes at a school carnival or classroom birthday party. I use them as rewards for students who show excellence in the classroom because your students can’t have too many erasers!

You can also find what you need to build the ultimate classroom treasure chest. Students love earning the chance to pick from our treasure chest. Inside, it is filled with all kinds of goodies from Oriental Trading, like keychains, toys, and stickers. They love it!

Recognize and reward good work, good deeds, teamwork and more with fun awards and mini-trophies. They will make the students feel proud and encourage them to try their best each and every day.

Classroom management tools maximize student success. Using teacher resources and activities that promote good behavior, students learn to do the right thing. The choices at Oriental Trading are perfect for helping students understand positive classroom behavior. Classroom management resources help teachers stay organized and help students stay on track.

One of my favorite resources are these dry erase sleeves. Just insert worksheets, then write, and easily wipe off your answers. They're ideal school supplies that help your lesson plans go smoothly. Save paper too!

My hall pass lanyards are a hit! The kids love them and I get compliments from other teachers all the time. They ask, "Where did you get those?" I got them at Oriental Trading! These hall passes on convenient lanyards are essential school supplies for keeping track of students! They're ideal for giving children a sense of responsibility and teaching them to follow classroom rules. The set comes with six passes. As you can see in the photo below, I just hung them with command hooks.

If you are a teacher, I am sure you are aware of brag tags, or swag tags as I like to call them. I used a set of dog tag necklaces from Oriental Trading to create my classroom set. Again, using command hooks, I hung them by student number for easy access. They are a huge hit this school year and so important for positive reinforcement.

You will also find classroom supplies to supplement your lesson plans. Resources like bulletin board sets and flash cards will engage the students and keep learning fun.

I teach Social Studies and find it hard to find supplies that engage. Learning about historical figures, past events and the geography of the world around us has never been so fun! My map skills set is perfect for your geography and social studies lessons. The set includes explanations of legends, scale size, grids, and a map of the United States.

Hands-on manipulatives are so important, especially in math. I love this number line slider. A fun way for your students to practice their counting, these cardboard sliders include a plastic slider pointing to different number values. Create your own cool math games centered around these learning tools that are instrumental in fostering a sense of numbers. 

Teachers need all the flashcards. Perfect for all grades, these math flash cards can be used independently, as a class, or partnered learning. Students can use them to enhance skills like addition, money, time, and more.

Looking for A+ storage solutions for your classroom that won't break the bank? Shop for all sorts of storage containers and bins at Oriental Trading! You'll find durable and practical storage containers, a wide selection of portable storage bins, colorful totes, convenient boxes, and so much more!

Make organizing your classroom a breeze when you add storage baskets to your classroom supplies! Coming to you in assorted colors, these plastic baskets are great for storing art supplies, bulletin board cutouts, and more! They have cutout handles and stack for easy storage.

Keep drawers organized with these classroom storage baskets in fun colors. They are ideal for sorting and organizing school supplies, papers, and more. If everything has a home, it is so much easier to find what you need!

One thing I have a hard time storing is pocket charts. So I am using a pocket chart hanger to store my pocket charts while keeping my classroom organized and clean. You can keep several pocket charts draped over it and pull out the one you need without disrupting the other charts!

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