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Healthy Hair with Ms. Pompadour

The men behind Mister Pompadour have branched out into the women's hair industry with their new premium line called Ms. Pompadour. I tried products from the curl defining collection, as well as the heat protectant. First of all, I love the packaging! The bottles have this cool texture to them. It is hard to explain, but they just feel lux!

Then comes the smell - mmmm! It is a citrus + clean + floral scent that is simply amazing. You guys should consider bottling that scent into a fragrance mist or something. I used the curl defining products twice. I also used the heat protectant mist on curly hair days, as well as days when I was going to style my hair straight.

The thermal spray protects hair from heat damage during regular use of hot styling tools. I have been loving it. I always make sure I don't skip adding a heat protectant to my hair routine. Think about it, do you really want that heat damaging your hair? On straight hair days, I find it gives my hair extra softness. On curly hair days, it leaves my curls looking natural and bouncy.


Most days I like to wear my hair curly. It is natural so why not go with it? I love the look of defined curls, so was excited to use this collection. Like I said, the smell is soooo good. The shampoo is infused with soothing cucumber and marigold extracts to gently remove impurities from the hair and scalp while bringing extra moisture to curly hair. I love the fresh feeling I get on my scalp when I use the shampoo. You can tell it is working.

The ultra creamy conditioner contains 11 botanical extracts to provide maximum hydration for all curly hair types. It doesn't weigh curls down and provides extra frizz control and smoothness for easy combing. My hair is completely tangle free after using the conditioner. It is a nice formula that makes my hair soft and manageable.

While my hair is still damp, I add the quick-drying styling cream. It has a lightweight hold that creates natural looking, well-defined curls. I like how it does not feel heavy or make my hair sticky. The result is weightless frizz controlled hair with a healthy shine and luster. This trio of premium hair products is a great pick for you curly girls.

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