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Six Cool Things To Try for You & Your Home

Here are six cool things to try for you and your home. From the coolest cup ever, to making your home smell wonderful, to never running out of coffee, these new products are perfect to try this spring.

What makes cäk the ultimate stainless steel tumbler? The other guys have no balls. Yep, that is the actual catchy slogan of the cäk. Their reusable ice balls differentiate cäk from other tumblers on the market as they are able to keep your drink chilled without watering it down. I have been using my cäk for awhile now to keep my water ice cold at work all day long. Does it work? Yes!

Unlike any other tumbler, this clever cup comes with a n’ICE pair of blue ice balls designed to keep your drink cool even longer, without watering it down. The double-walled, vacuum sealed insulation, plus ice balls will keep the drink of your choice cold all day long. Relax with your cäk by the ocean, up in the mountains, or even in your backyard without worrying about your drink staying fresh. Live it up, drink it down and party hard with your favorite new drinking buddy.

Spritz the scent of Capri everywhere with Carthusia’s home fragrance sprays. These room sprays was created by combining the same ingredients and fragrances contained in its signature perfumes. They let you relive the sensations and atmosphere of the most enchanting of places.

Conceived to perfume the air around you as if it were your own body, fiori di capri is a classic scent. The Mediterranean tones of wild carnation, lily of the valley and oak come together with the exotic aroma of amber, sandalwood and of ylang ylang in a fascinating melange. It is both joyful and unforgettable.

DripJoy's single serve coffee subscription service makes ordering your K-Cup compatible coffee simple. Just tell DripJoy how many people are in your household or place of business, and a custom algorithm returns a number of unique subscription levels for you to choose from. You can select from 7 unique and delicious flavors of coffee.

Depending on the subscription level, you could also get their commercial-grade brewer for free, or at a heavily discounted price. DripJoy coffee is K-Cup compatible, so it will brew just fine in your current single serve brewer. Their genius delivery subscription platform ensures you’ll never go without your favorite brew!

We tried Colombian Cheer and Morning Brew. Both were actually really good! I love the convenience of knowing we won't run out of coffee. It is delivered based on your preferences starting at $19.95 per month.

As a teacher, I need to be proactive when it comes to germs. If I wasn't, I would always be sick. Every day we encounter germs everywhere from counter tops to door handles. Instead of washing or sanitizing after you've been exposed to germs and bacteria, try Touch GermBlock. It protects your hands for six hours and has become a desk must-have!

Traditional hand sanitizers are no longer effective once they dry, so they need to be reapplied every time you touch something. But this unique, patented formula allows for just one application that lasts for six hours on the surface of the skin, providing a persistent barrier of protection. Each application of Touch GermBlock actually softens and conditions your hands with a special blend of essential oils and skin softeners!

Get your daily dose of protein with WelleCo Super Elixir Nourishing Protein. This unique formula comes from plants including peas, dandelions and organic sprout brown rice with a delicious chocolate taste that is derived from Raw Peruvian Cacao.

The convenient packs are easy to take with you on the go. The benefits of the Nourishing Protein include the maintenance of blood sugar levels as a part of a healthy balanced diet, fiber to keep you feeling full for longer, Acia to help with free radical elimination, B vitamins for anti-stress benefits, and digestive enzymes help boost your metabolism.

Cleancult are effective, non toxic laundry pods. If you want your laundry to feel clean without chemicals, give it a try. Their 3-in-1 pods combine cleaning, stain removal, and brighteners. They are free of chlorine, dyes, phosphates, and masking agents. Plus they have achieved a cleaning rating equivalent to conventional detergents. They are also hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin.

Their subscription service ensures you never run out of pods. You can personalize your membership and choose the size and frequency of laundry pods you would like to receive. They include free US shipping, and your box will be delivered directly to your door. Just receive your box, use your pods, and enjoy that 'clean sheets' feeling, free of chemicals.

The pods are easy to use! Simply open your washer, throw the pod in, and then clean your clothes. We were pleased at how well they actually cleaned our clothes. I like the peace of mind knowing they are chemical free. My husband has sensitive skin, so Cleancult has been great. Use the code REALCLEAN to get 60% off your first box of Cleancult!

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