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How I Organized My Beauty Room

It has always been a dream to have a beauty room all to myself. So I recently did some rearranging and created my own beauty room! I didn't spend very much and it is quite organized. I know exactly where to find what I am looking for.

I started with a few pieces of basic furniture. The only pieces that I purchased were a white and grey desk and a seven drawer white chest from Home Depot. That was it. If I lived closer to an IKEA, I would have used the ALEX drawers with a table top instead. I already had an old filing cabinet which fit under the desk to the left. More storage!

Next I stacked several clear acrylic makeup organizers on the left side of the desk. I love using these because they are super durable and you can see what is inside. I used some old mugs and containers to house my makeup brushes.

I found the perfect trifold vanity mirror which fit the desk top perfectly. I love the beveled edges. It looks awesome. I found lots of things at Homegoods like vanity trays and drawer knobs. I decided that I didn't like the plain white knobs that came on the white chest, so I also purchased some teal knobs to replace them. 

Inside the drawers of the white chest, I used interlocking drawer bins to keep everything in its place. They are perfect for organizing drawers, because you can lock pieces of different sizes together so that they fit each drawer perfectly. The only problem I was running into with the white chest of drawers, was that I kept on forgetting what was inside. Which drawer had my mascaras? My eyeliners? etc. Then it occurred to me ... I needed labels.

The Brother P-Touch Label Maker was just what I needed to get organized. The P-Touch D210 is the perfect tool for adding a personal touch to your home organization. Now one of my favorite gadgets, I have used it to organize my jewelry, accessories, and or course, my makeup! What makes the P-Touch fun as well as functional is the range of colors the label comes in (clear, black, red, gold, yellow) so that you can add that custom touch to your closet, beauty room, etc … 

I decided to go with gold on black label tape. It was so easy to load and create my labels! The one touch keys give you quick access to fonts, frames, symbols and more. The graphical display even allows you to see how your label will look before you print! The personalized options are nearly endless with 14 fonts, 95 frames, and more than 600 symbols. There are also 27 quick and easy templates simply type in what you want and then press print. It is so much fun to use!

Once I created the labels for my drawers, it was just a simple peel and stick process. Now I know exactly what is in each drawer without having to open it. I love my new label maker so much, it makes me want to organize everything in my home!

Now that my beauty room is organized, I can fill it with all of my favorite beauty products! I find myself using more of the makeup that I forgot I had. It also helps me remember what I already own, so I don't end up with doubles. My beauty room is one of my favorite place in my home and I am so pleased with how it turned out. 

Do you have a beauty room or a vanity?
How do you keep it organized?