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Why CROSS Pens are the #WriteGift

Thanks to CROSS Pens for partnering with me for this post!

What does "create. share. inspire." mean to me? Basically everything! It all started way back in January of 2011. I was laid off from my job as a teacher and I did not know what my next move would be. I knew I was going to get hired back, but I did not know how long the layoff would be. What is a girl to do? Start a blog.

I started to plan for my next step. What would my blog be about? What did I want to achieve with my blog? What would I do when I started teaching again? Once I had my plan in place, I set out to make it happen. It has almost been six years now and here I am! This is my 2406's blog post and I could not be happier with my baby.

Long story short, was born from a what am I going to do now moment? So when CROSS Pens asked me what I wanted engraved on my pen, I had the perfect phrase. "create. share. inspire." A little planning, a little umbrella, and a little bit of hard work is the story of how my blog came to be. Do you have a special phrase or make it happen kind of story? How about someone on your gift list? If you could engrave a pen for them, what would it say?

CROSS will continue to be the #WriteGift for recognizing the deserving moments in anyone's life from a job promotion, to marriage, to graduation, to a very special holiday gift. Make that gift even more special with a special engraved sentiment! Who is deserving in your life?

I love my engraved CROSS pen. It writes to smooth and looks so sleek. The best part is that every time I reach for it, I know what that special sentiment means to me. Six years of hard work in just three simple words. "create. share. inspire."

CROSS Pens is featured in my 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

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