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BodyGuardz iPhone 7 Device Protection

Is someone in your family getting a new iPhone 7 for the holidays? If so, iPhone 7 mobile accessories would make a perfect gift. Protect that investment with cases that are protective, yet cute; as well as the best tempered glass screen protectors on the market. 

I just got the iPhone 7 Plus myself, and I was thrilled to receive these products from BodyGuardz to protect it. BodyGuardz represents the ultimate in device protection. They offer a full line of protection products that include clear full body skins, screen protectors, decorative skins, cases, earbuds, and more. They have products for your new iPhone, as well as pretty much any other mobile device.

BodyGuardz Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector is a must-have. It is the ultimate in ultra-thin tempered glass screen protection. BodyGuardz Pure 2 introduces AlumiTech with Accessory Glass 2 by Corning. Pure 2 for Apple iPhone 7 Plus is the first glass screen protector in the US to use a rare family of tempered glass called Aluminosilicate. This innovative type of glass allows it to be thin, yet more protective than regular soda-lime glass found in other screen protectors.

It came with everything I needed to install it myself. Just read the directions and you will be fine. The strong Aluminosilicate glass is 5X more scratch-resistant, has a 25% increase in drop performance, and a 25% lower visibility of scratches. It looks great on my iPhone 7 Plus and I love the slim profile.

You will also need a case. I chose the BodyGuardz Ace Pro Case in pink/white. I think it goes great with my rose gold iPhone. The Ace Pro cases come in clear or highly transparent TPU lined with the same Unequal technology professional athletes use on the field for impact protection. Ace Pro cases are designed to accentuate the design of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and provide slim, lightweight protection. A protective bezel extends beyond the screen to provide added defense for the front of your device.

It was so simple to install this case! I love the feel of the impact gel. This provides a bit of grip when you set it on smooth surfaces. I also appreciate the sleek, low-profile design. The unequal technology absorbs and dissipates impact! There is even a raised bezel that protects the front of device. I can tell they thought of the design, because the rounded edges actually feel like the Apple iPhone 7.

Make sure your iPhone 7 - or whichever device is under your tree - is protected with BodyGuardz!

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Buy It :: You can purchase the Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector for $44.95 and the Ace Pro Case with Unequal Technology for $34.95.