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SnapPower Coverplate Guidelight and USB Charger

Smart home solutions can make a great gift idea. Especially when it is as smart as SnapPower. SnapPower is a consumer technology start-up, focused on creating simple and convenient solutions that solve some of the basic issues in today's home. 

I had the chance to try two very cool products from SnapPower, the SnapPower Guidelight and the SnapPower Charger. Both are sleek, innovative, and easy to install. They use patented prong technology to get the power for the charger and the LED lights. So smart!

The SnapPower Guidelight, is an electrical outlet coverplate with LED lights built in for beautiful guide-lighting in the home. These lights turn ON/OFF automatically with a high grade light sensor. 

Starting at just $15, the SnapPower Guidelight can safely and easily transform an outlet coverplate into a convenient night light. They automatically turn on and off by a sensor and are equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting for perfect nighttime illumination.

I installed my guidelight in my kitchen. Now we have that extra lighting and it looks so sleek! It was as easy to install as a coverplate. Really. That is all there is to it.

The SnapPower Charger is a powerful USB Charger built right into an outlet's face plate! No more bulky plug in charging blocks and it's designed to blend in with any home decor. 

Starting at just $20, the SnapPower Charger allows you to easily convert your outlet coverplate into an attractive USB charger. It requires no wires or batteries and leaves all outlets free for use. You should definitely consider these home gadgets from SnapPower for that tech loving person on your holiday list or for anyone who loves innovative home solutions!

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Buy It :: You can purchase the SnapPower Guidelight for $15 and the SnapPower Charger for $20.