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Marigold 9" Pouch Thermal Laminator #Marigoldlaminator

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As a teacher, a laminator is practically a must. So finding a thermal laminator that is low in price but high in quality is very important. The Marigold Thermal Laminator offers a high-quality laminating experience in your home, office, classroom and more. The easy-to-operate design and durable heating system makes each lamination perfect, fast and easy.

The Marigold Thermal Laminator is ready to use out of the box. Just load your documents into thermal laminating pouches. Then plug it in and turn on the power switch. Use the mode button to select the temperature setting (cold, 3mil or 5mil). I was using 3mil laminating sheets and it only took a few minutes to warm up! You know it is ready when the selector stops blinking.

With your laminating sheets loaded, just place the pouch into the front of the machine. The rollers will grab the pouch and roll it through. This laminating machine can be used for craft projects, photographs, documents, notices, ID cards, recipes, reusable menus, DIY luggage tags and much more.

As the document is laminated, it will roll itself out. Laminating is so easy with the Marigold 9" Pouch Thermal Laminator! Different from low-end laminators, this one is designed with NTC fuse to detect the rollers’ temperature and use IC program chip to control the working temperature. The major benefit is the temperature tolerance would be around 2 degree Celsius.The less the tolerance, the better the performance!

My documents came out looking fantastic! I love how lamination will protect the document as well as make the colors pop. Like I said, it is a must-have for every teacher. But it would also be perfect for household use! I love the cold lamination option as well. Cold laminating is best for heat-sensitive materials. It requires self-adhesive/self-seal laminating pouches that can be applied with or without a machine.

Marigold 9" Pouch Thermal Laminator Features:
  • 9" entry width
  • 2-roller laminator
  • cold and thermal temperature options
  • works with 3mil and 5mil pouches
  • quick warm up time (around 4 minutes)
  • laminates 13.5 inches per minute
  • jam release lever

Buy It :: You can purchase the Marigold Thermal Laminator as well as lamination pouches from Amazon. You can also find it via Marigold.