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JASTEK Multi Charging Cable

The JASTEK Multi Charging Cable is 6 cords in one. This universal charging cable allows you to find the right plug for your devices without rummaging through tangled cords.

There is a USB plug in the cable, which is where you can draw power from. Once you have attached to power via USB, just find the plug you need for your device and charge.

I do wish the USB cord was longer so you could have more accessibility. But I found a way to make it work. The JASTEK Multi Charging Cable is compatible with the following: 
  • Apple 5/6 series
  • Mini USB supported Devices as digital cameras/camcorders, hard drives,etc. 
  • Micro USB supported Devices as most smartphones,etc. 
  • New USB Type C 3.1 port supported devices. 

USB Type-C supports USB 3.1 for dramatic speed benefits and power transfer, in a shape that is only marginally larger than micro USB and, perhaps best of all, is reversible. The USB Type-C standard will become more prevalent across smartphones, tablets and laptops over the next few years, so regardless of whether you take the plunge on one of those new laptops, you will probably have a USB Type-C device soon.

Buy It :: You can purchase the JASTEK Multi Charging Cable via Amazon for under $8.