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How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Raise your hand if you hate cleaning your makeup brushes. ✋ So do I. If it has been more than a month, you need some MelodySusie in your life. I mean, do you know what is hiding in your makeup brushes if you do not clean them regularly? It is absolutely disgusting.

To show you that you are not alone, here are my dirty makeup brushes. We use makeup brushes every single day. They touch our face and eyes every day. The dirt and bacteria can easily stay on the brushes and then on your face, leading to infection, dirty pores, and quickly aging skin. So how do you clean them?

Using soap, water, and your hands alone cannot thoroughly and deeply clean the brushes. To do it correctly, you need the right tool. This is where MelodySusie comes in. MelodySusie Makeup Brush Cleaners are available in three options: the Beautiegg, Beautipple, and Beautifly, each has a unique feature and cleaning mission.

Let's start with the mac daddy of makeup cleaning mats. The Beautifly is larger and is recommended for professionals and experts. But even in you are by no means an expert, anyone can use the Beautifly.
It has suction cups on the bottom to secure the position in the sink for hand-free brush wash. 

The MelodySusie Butterfly Shaped Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat is made of high quality soft silicone and is deliberately designed to thoroughly clean makeup brushes of different sizes. I love the hands free cleaning with the Beautifly. The unique butterfly design features seven special cleaning areas, each with different functions.

The wash areas are used to start cleaning your eye and face brushes. The rinse areas efficiently remove makeup residue. The refine areas offer deeper cleaning by swirling or scrubbing back and forth. The refine plus areas is for a deeper refine after cleaning for the first time. 

I started by wetting my brush. Then I added some makeup brush shampoo. Look for one that has a shampoo consistency, as opposed to a spray. Next, you use the special areas to swirl and swish your brushes clean. I was impressed by how easy it was. When you are finished, you can use the bottom hook to hang it in your shower until it is dry!

Next up is the MelodySusie Apple Shaped Makeup Brush Cleaner. The Beautipple is designed for regular users and features a unique apple shaped design. The width of the opening is 2.76 inches, which is perfect for four fingers to fit in easily and hold the brush cleaner tightly. There are four silicon textures on the Beautipple. The right hand side is for washing and swirling. The left hand side is for deep cleaning and refining.

The Beautipple ended up being my favorite makeup brush cleaner. I felt like I had the most control with this one and it got my brushes so clean! Use the upper right side for washing eye brushes. Use the lower right corner for washing facial brushes. Use the lower left side for removing makeup residue. Use the upper left corner for deep refining. Easy!

In my opinion, you can't go wrong with the Beautiple. You have the control that you don't have with the Beautifly, because it is in your hand. The sizes of the textures can clean brushes of all sizes. I love this one! It also has a hook that you can use to hang to dry when you are finished.

Finally, we have the MelodySusie Egg Sized Makeup Brush Cleaner. The Beautieg is mini-sized, portable, and designed for travel. You even get two in a pack! The width of the opening is 2 inches, which is perfect for three fingers to fit in easily and to hold the items tightly. Or, you could also palm it in your hand.

The top tiny granules of the Beautieg are designed for cleaning small makeup brushes. The stripes on the bottom are specially designed for larger makeup brush heads. The Beautieg is useful for a quick clean. Think changing out colors or going from a dark shade to a light shade. It is also the perfect size for travel.

No matter which MelodySusie makeup brush cleaner you choose, they all have the same result. You get clean brushes in just a matter of minutes. I also found it useful to fold a towel to dry my brushes. I did not want any brushes touching a surface that could contain bacteria. It worked like a charm! I love my MelodySusie makeup brush cleaners!