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Currently Loving :: Beauty Edition

I hope your fall is off to a great start! It has been around 80 for the past week here in Ohio, so I am not fulling accepting that it is fall yet. Here are a dozen beauty picks that I am currently loving. Of course you can use them all year round, even in those in-between-seasons times of the year!

Have you tried mascara layering? It is one of Petra Strand's favorite tricks to achieve a lush lash effect! I was so lucky to receive four Pixi by Petra mascaras to give this trick a try for myself! I love it. My lashes have never looked better and it is so easy to do.

Step 1 is to prime and protect your lashes. Start by applying Black Lacquer Lash Primer to curled lashes. It has a unique comb applicator that defines and adds volume to each lash for the ultimate base coat. This formula includes ingredients like Panthenol to strengthen lashes, as well as Vitamin E to nourish and protect.

Step 2 is to “push up” your lashes with Lash Booster Mascara. To apply, wiggle the applicator at the root to make your lash line look thicker. As you move to the tip of your lashes, fan up and out. This formula has been called the “hairspray for lashes” because it fixes the curl and keep lashes lifted all day.

In step 3, you will lengthen your lashes by applying a coat of Lengthy Fiber Mascara. The fibers will attach to your lashes and elongate your lash look! At first sight, you’ll notice the strand-like formula on the curved brush. You’re witnessing the fibers in the formula in action! With each layer you apply, the unique curved brush extends your lashes by laying down fibers to get that feathered, lush lash effect.

Step 4 is to complete your look by adding definition to your bottom lashes with Lower Lash Mascara. The super-slim applicator defines and separates each hard-to-reach lash. To apply, hold the applicator vertically and wiggle from root to tip. To really make your lash line look full, focus on wiggling the applicator at the lash root to apply maximum mascara there.

Now that your lashes look great, how about those brows? The Brow This Way Highlighting Pencil from Rimmel London adds a lifted look to the entire eye area. The shimmer shade that I received gives you that extra wow factor. It's great for highlighting and adding luminosity. A single stroke under your arches instantly lifts and illuminates. The jumbo pencil makes application quick and easy. This pencil makes it so easy to make big changes to your brow game.

Not quite ready for the deep reds and browns of fall? But kind of over the bright shades of summer? Lauren B. Beauty Nail Enamel has those perfect in-between shades. The advanced, quick-drying nail enamels deliver a chip-resistant, long-lasting, mirror-like finish. The brush is packed with twice the standard amount of bristles, all pre-lacquered so your polish glides on smoothly and streak-free. The bottle has a special over-cap, so you can use a square or cylindrical handle for more control. 

The first shade I am currently loving is Greystone Grey. This is a muted grey with a wild side. This glossy silver slate hue makes the prettiest neutral, while staying unexpectedly moody. I also love Ocean Ave. This is the kind of cool, saturated, nearly-periwinkle blue you’d see on a vacation postcard. No surprise, it’s inspired by a bike ride along the boardwalk from Santa Monica into Venice Beach. But it's not so summery that you can't rock it in October. Give them a try!

So what do you do if you want to pull your hair back without getting those hair dents that come from tight elastics? You Pulleez. In fact, they were invented to use on models that would quickly hold hair up backstage without leaving behind the dreaded crease that comes from twisting traditional elastic bands in the hair. Pulleez ponytail holders now includes chic, runway-inspired hair accessories and jewelry. I received a Silver Knot Pulleez as well as a cute Cowboy Boot one. I love using them at home and on the go when I don't want to crimp my style.

Are you missing that summer glow? Try Mally Evercolor Poreless Face Defender Boost! It gives your skin a natural boost of warmth for healthy, glowing skin. I am a superfan of the original Poreless Face Defender and I use it every single day. This offers the same benefits (diffusing the look of pores, minimizing fine lines, and helping your make-up last longer), while also giving you a glow!

Face Defender Boost comes in one universal shade made to suit all complexions. The compact looks dark but don't let that scare you. It comes with a unique buffed-edge Japanese sponge. Using the sponge, gently pat the Face Defender Boost all over your face, to get a warm, healthy glow. Use the rounded corners of the sponge to get into all those hard to reach places!

Check out the before and after on my hands! It doesn't look fake or orange-y or weird. It just looks like a natural, healthy glow! The brilliant Mally strikes again! I seriously love her.

Do you want to boost that glow even more while you are sleeping? Then check out the new textiles from Mē Beauty! This eye mask and pillowcase are infused with essential mineral copper and have been clinically proven to brighten, firm and hydrate skin. 

Each thread is carefully infused with copper, an essential mineral known to enhance skin appearance for a healthy, youthful glow. The eye mask will fight those eye wrinkles, while the pillowcase will promote younger-looking skin and smoother hair! Why not make the most of your beauty sleep? In as little as 2 weeks, you'll open your eyes to a noticeable difference. 

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  1. Pixi by Petra Black Lacquer Lash Primer ($15)
  2. Pixi by Petra Lash Booster Mascara ($15)
  3. Pixi by Petra Lengthy Fiber Mascara ($16)
  4. Pixi by Petra Lower Lash Mascara ($11)
  5. Rimmel Brow This Way Gold Shimmer Highlighting Pencil ($8)
  6. Lauren B. Beauty Nail Enamel in Ocean Ave ($18)
  7. Lauren B. Beauty Nail Enamel in Greystone Grey ($18)
  8. Pulleez Ponytail Holder Silver Knot ($16)
  9. Pulleez Ponytail Holder Gold Boot ($16)
  10. Mally Beauty Evercolor Poreless Face Defender Boost ($37)
  11. Mē Beauty Glow Beauty Boosting Eye Mask ($25)
  12. Mē Beauty Glow Beauty Boosting Pillowcase ($55)