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ARK Skincare: Beautiful Skin at Every Age

Age Targeted Skincare. How smart is that? Depending on your age, your skin has different needs. ARK Skincare has figured this out and has created a luxurious line of age targeted skincare products. Made with care in England, ARK Skincare products are divided into the following age segments: 20s, 30s-40s, and 50s upwards.

I fall into the middle age defend category. In your 30s and 40s, the skin is starting to show signs of aging as fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. It's time to defend the integrity of the skin with vital nutrients and greater antioxidant protection. So true! I received two products from this category of age intelligent skincare. 

Age Defend Replenishing Moisturizer with Co-enzyme Q10 is packed with natural moisturizing agents such as Shea Butter and Olive Oil. Containing powerful peptides, including Matrixyl, it smooths out the appearance of wrinkles and diminishes signs of premature aging. This stuff is a game changer. I can tell that it is doing just what it is supposed to do for someone my age. Ingredients like Vitamin A (to keep skin strong, plump and supple), Kiwi and Passion Fruit (to boost skin’s moisture) and Blue Lotus (known as the sacred flower of anti-aging) are making my skin look and feel wonderful!

The Hydration Injection Masque is an intensive multivitamin hydration injection masque to quench skin and restore vibrancy. This rejuvenating treatment masque is the ideal weekly pick me up for skin which looks tired, stressed and lacking in radiance. It contains a blend of vitamins to help keep skin supple and smooth, as well as boost antioxidant protection. The Hyaluronic Acid Booster drenches skin with moisture, providing long-lasting protection against water loss. I have been using this 1-2 times a week. Based on the suggestion for my age group, I leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse. The injection masque will leave your skin looking rested, restored and smooth.

So why should we treat skin by age? According to ARK, there are two main transition periods in the aging process where there is a dramatic shift in hormone production and a significant change in the way the body functions: late 20s to early 30s and late 50s to early 60s. ARK has looked at the skin externally and internally during these periods, to create three age-specific skincare ranges, which support skin with the optimum level of nourishment and skin-perfecting ingredients. Complemented by the Skin Perfector range of treatment products and the Skin Essential range of daily necessities, ARK Skincare offers a solution for all of your skincare needs. 

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