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Biz: Not Just for the Washing Machine

Sure BIZ Stain Fighter does a great job fighting stains on clothing, but what else can it do? Think outside of the box. BIZ is not just a detergent booster, it is also a stain fighter. So fight those stains that have been lurking in all of those places that won't fit in a washing machine.

This is a carpet stain that has been bothering me for months. A nail polish bottle broke and pretty much had its way with my carpet. We tried just about everything until I realized, hey what about BIZ?

We mixed a bit of BIZ with some hot water. Then we got a sponge and started scrubbing. What do you know? The stain was lifting right before our eyes. Being nail polish it is not completely gone, but wow does it look SO much better! It has us thinking, what else can we use BIZ for?!

It is clear that BIZ is a multiple use stain fighter. It works great for removing clothing stains, I love using it as a detergent booster, but now the possibilities are endless. BIZ is not confined to things that fit into a washing machine. Can you think of some pesky stains in your home? Upholstery, car seats, carpeting ... no stain is safe, no matter where it is in your home.

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