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1byone Digital Smart Wireless Body Fat Scale

So why would you want a Body Fat Scale? Because health does not just depend on your weight. Whether you want to lose weight or stay in shape, you should also pay attention to your body fat, water and muscle mass. A traditional scale does not give you that kind of detailed information. But a 1byone Digital Smart Wireless Body Fat Scale does.

You need a body fat scale to monitor and track the health indexes of your body. The 1byone Digital Smart Wireless Body Fat Scale will give you your comprehensive health index which includes: body weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, bone mass and visceral fat. Wow! What is even cooler is that you can track all of this information on your smartphone using the corresponding app! 

Connecting your body fat scale to the app is simple. First, ensure you have connected your mobile devices to the internet and the Bluetooth function is enabled. Download and open the 1byone Wellness App. Then just follow the manual to use the app to control the scale. You can store up to ten personal profiles within the app!

Because the health indexes of an individual changes at any time, the recommendation is that you to use it at the same time every day, with the best time being in the morning after getting up or two hours later after meals. Using step-on technology, you will just step on the scale to get an instant readout.

The 3.3 inch highlight LED display looks sleek and smooth. The scale uses high quality impact-resistant tempered glass, which is 4 times stronger than common glass. Equipped with four high precision sensors, people can weigh in from 11 pounds up to 400 pounds. The readings show up in 0.2 lbs increments.

My family loves the 1byone Digital Smart Wireless Body Fat Scale! It really gives us a clear picture of our whole comprehensive health index. This helps us set and reach goals. It also shows us what we need to work on. I like being able to see my progress with the easy to read charts.

This body fat scale will not work for everyone. You will not be able to use it if you have medical implants, for example, people with a pacemaker. You will also not be able to use it if your are pregnant.

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