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Treatsie July 2016 Subscription Box Review

It is Subscription Box Week here at Put a Little Umbrella in Your Drink! I decided to have a whole week dedicated to reviewing my favorite subscription boxes! I love subscription boxes for the surprises, the anticipation, and the fun! Don't miss my all new Subscription Box Guide where you will find links to reviews, promo codes, pricing information and more! Keep checking back because I will be consonantly updating it with the latest information. Now for today's box - Treatsie!

Each month Treatsie will send you a box of the best artisan sweets from ever-changing confectioners all over the country. Treatsie helps you find amazing artisan sweets you’d normally never find unless you stumbled across the shop.

Marlo’s Bakeshop Soft-Baked Biscotti
This biscotti has the expected and satisfying crunch of the traditional Italian confection, but with a more tender crumb. I received Banana Bread and Brown Sugar Coffee Cake. I am not a huge biscotti fan to begin with, so these were okay. The taste was on par with the flavor. Just not really my thing.

Marshmallow Farms Classic Crispy Square
Now marshmallow treats, this is definitely right up my alley. Made in small batches, this classic favorite is a delicious combination of crispy rice and marshmallows. Each grain of crisp rice is hand-selected and paired with each marshmallow. I had super high expectations for this one. An artisan marshmallow treat? Yes! It was definitely chewy, so the texture was nice. I just wish it had some more flavor. 

Dallas Caramel Co. Caramel Assortment
These creamy, soft caramels are handmade bites of happiness. They are created with quality, all natural ingredients. I was thrilled to see all of the fun flavors like Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Apple Pie, and Texas Drunken Nut. These were outstanding. So soft and so gooey and so sweet. Each bite was like a burst of caramel goodness. Fantastic!

Treatsie Nectar Pops
The last thing I received was nectar lollipops made by Treatsie! The first flavor was Blueberry & Acai. Both stunning and delicious, this lollipop is studded with freeze-dried blueberries for real berry flavor. It was quite sweet and pretty good. The other flavor was Raspberry Lime. This one better than the blueberry because I love lime. I wish the lime flavor was more prominent, but I think the fruit in the pops is a super cool concept.

Get double the sweets in your first Treatsie box!

So what do you think of Treatsie? I like that they include goodies that you would never be able to try unless you visited the town where they were made, or found yourself in an artisan food shop. It is kind of fun to know that as a subscriber, there is a sweet treat package coming each month!

Subscribe :: You can subscribe to Treatsie for $20 a month. There is a discount on quarterly and annual subscriptions. Treatsie is a monthly subscription, so there are twelve boxes available per year.