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Rebel Fall 2016 Collection from China Glaze

It's official! The 90s are back! So grab your choker and prepare to Rage Against the Manicure. Nearly 25 years after grunge exploded onto the music and fashion scene with names like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Courtney Love, comes Rebel, a new collection from China Glaze that brings you the quintessential juxtaposition of the 90s.

Rebel is a 12 piece collection that includes flirty and feminine pinks and pearls alongside gritty, deep purples, blues and grays, reminiscent of a flirty baby doll dress paired with a well-worn, vintage leather jacket and combat boots with fishnet tights, or ravaged jeans, a flannel and Mary Janes. The 90s attitude was to wear what you want and forget the rest. Pink isn’t just for girls and combat boots aren’t just for boys, so this fall live loud, mix it up and set your inner Rebel free.

Holo At Ya Girl! | green-gold holographic glitter
Jagged Little Teal | vampy teal crème 
Combat Blue-ts | bad ass matte blue 
Blue-Ya! | sapphire blue shimmer 
Teen Spirit | deep inky blue-black with metallic flecks
Purple Fiction | royal metallic plum

Y’all Ready for This? | red shimmer 
Heroine Chic | sultry chocolate crème with flecks of red shimmer 
Dope Taupe | almond taupe crème 
Fresh Princess | baby doll dress pink crème 
Pearl Jammin’ | chic gray opalescent
Don’t Mesh with Me | lavender shimmer

What do you think of the Rebel Collection? The shades and especially the names take me back. I was in high school and college during the 90s, so it was a very formative part of my life. I was baby doll grungy and into indie alternative, so this collection really resonates with me! My favorites are the gorgeous matte blue satin (Combat Blue-ts) and the metallic inky blue-black (Teen Spirit).

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