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Well #Gosh, That Was Easy! Cordbox Cable Management + Power Organizer

This could not have come at a more perfect time. I have been working very hard on my vanity area and realized how much I hated the power strip that was showing! The Gosh! Cordbox came to my rescue!

What is Cordbox? It is a cord organization tool that will get that electronic cord clutter under control! You can use this tool to conceal cords and power strips for your desk area, TVs. computers, or like me, your vanity! No more cords everywhere and it is so simple it will make you think, why didn't I think of that?!

Your Cordbox will arrive flat, but don't worry. It is so easy to assemble. Just unfold the main section so that it forms a long rectangle. Then insert the endcaps into both sides. Now you have a sturdy box. It opens and closes with an easy magnetic tab. So just open the tab, insert your power strip and close. Easy!

It is made from high quality scratch and heat resistant ABS plastic, so no worries about fire hazards. If you have kids or pets, this will conceal the cords in a way that is easy for you to get to, but not for them. The quick opening lid provides for easy and quick access.

You don't even have to unplug anything to use it! Just place your power strips or surge protector inside the Cordbox along with that extra length of cable, close the lid and you're done! It will accommodate most power strips and even has extra space for cords. It was perfect for my vanity room!

Buy It :: You can purchase the Gosh! Cordbox from Amazon.