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FilterSnap Remembers So You Don't Have To

Ask yourself this question. How clean is the air in your home? The answer might surprise you if you haven't been changing your air filter. We have busy lives and the last thing we put on our to do list is buy a new air filter. They aren't cute and sparkly and they are easy to forget. That is where FilterSnap comes in!

FilterSnap is an air filter subscription service. You pick the size, type and frequency, and they deliver them. That's it! Everybody loves convenience. Raise your hand if you have ordered groceries online! And right here, right now, convenience looks a lot like a brand new filter delivered to your door every 30, 60, or 90 days. They remember so you don't have to.

The truth is if you haven’t changed your air filters, you’re not only wasting energy and upping your energy bill by some 15%, but you’re also exposing your family to an array of pollutants that would keep you awake at night if you knew about them. When summers get hot, my air conditioner goes on. That means windows and doors closed. Again, how clean is the air in your home?! Go check your filter. I'll wait.

I had the chance to try FilterSnap's convenient filter replacement service. All I did was select the filter quality (basic, standard or ultimate) that we wanted, as well as the size. A few days later my filter arrived. We changed it. Now we are good to go until the next one arrives. See how easy it is? When the new one arrives, you change it. You can even choose your own replacement schedule. (1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 months). 

I am impressed with the high quality filters from FilterSnap. They have a superior frame and uniform pleat spacing. You don't want those wimpy frames you might find at the stores. They might get stuck in your system and get dirty. Next time you see a filter in the store, check out the flimsiness of their pleats. They’re as delicate as toilet paper. You want a sturdy, strong, well-spaced filter to maximize airflow and the amount of dust it holds. 

You will have three filter quality choices. Basic, Standard, and Ultimate. The Basic filter takes care of the big stuff. Perfect if you have no allergy sufferers, are non-smokers, and your filter is not located in the garage. The Standard filter handles the big stuff, plus some of the smaller particles. Great if you have smokers, multiple pets, or family members with minor allergies. The Ultimate filter is Great Wall of China of air filters. Even the smallest dirt particles will meet their match with this filter. This is the best choice if you have family members that suffer from major allergies or asthma. Visit to learn more about the quality and convenience of a FilterSnap subscription!