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Laundry Organization Made Easy

I don't like to do laundry. Who does? So when I find things to make the laundry process easier, I utilize them immediately. The Honey-Can-Do Quad Laundry Sorter is designed for a busy home or workplace with lots of laundry to be done. It is such high quality and has changed the way I do laundry. Is it weird to rave about a laundry sorter? Oh well. This is much deserved.

The first thing is that it was quite easy to assemble. Then, once it was assembled, it was sturdy and ready for use. Watch the video above and see for yourself. I have owned other laundry sorters in the past that felt like they would fall apart from the get go. Not this one. This chrome laundry sorter can be used in commercial or residential settings to separate laundry for individual loads.

There are four compartments with large openings to sort laundry. I use the four compartments for delicates, light colors, dark colors, and towels. The second thing I love is that the compartments are large and low. This is important for two reasons. Large means they can fit more laundry and low means that I can reach the bottom of the compartment without feeling like I am going to break my back.

The next plus is that it rolls around easily. The Honey-Can-Do Quad Laundry Sorter includes four rubber casters for easy rolling and two that lock for extra control and roll protection. Finally, it looks crisp and clean. Chrome-plated stainless tubes give this heavy duty laundry sorter a clean, polished look that will nicely complement room decor.

It is clear that this was designed for a busy home with lots of laundry. It just works. I live in an older home with a laundry shoot. So I just collect the laundry out of the laundry shoot and sort it right away. I absolutely love it and it makes doing laundry so much easier!

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