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Don't Forget Your Portable Wall Charger

If you are traveling this summer, don't forget your portable wall charger! Between your tablet, your phones, your laptop, chances are you have lots of goodies to charge. But sometimes the outlet space is limited, especially when you are not at home. That is why a device like this intelliARMOR 4-port USB charger is a must-have travel accessory.

Just plug the intelliARMOR charging block into one outlet and you get four places to charge your devices via USB! This means you can simultaneously charge smartphones, tablets, Fitbits, cameras, or anything that uses a USB port. The compact design has prongs that fold and lets you power all your devices whether at home or on the go.

Not only is the intelliARMOR portable wall charger convenient, it's smart too! It uses intelliSMART charging technology determines the need of any attached device and adjusts power for a fast an efficient charge. 
Thin and lightweight while providing maximum charging speeds, the 4-port charger offers USB-enabled device rapid charging. As a safety precaution, the charger has circuitry that accurately detects the needs of each separate device so you can count on it getting the proper charge without overcharging. 

Use it like you would any other charger, simply plug it in and attach any existing USB charging cable. That's it, you're ready to go. Charging begins right away and will stop automatically once your device has reached a full charge. Keep all your devices fully charged and ready to go when you are on the go ... or even if you are at home!

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