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Dirty Little Secrets: One Week with Biz

Stains happen in real life. Last week I told about what BIZ can do. But just because I am a BIZ ambassador doesn't mean I will just tell you that BIZ works to get out stains. I will show you. Here are some real life examples from this week where BIZ came to the rescue! Luckily, I didn't have anything as disastrous as wine on carpet!

First, let me remind you how to use BIZ as a stain eliminator. For tough stains, pre-treat them directly with BIZ liquid by wetting the area with warm water and applying BIZ. Rub gently and wait 5-10 minutes then wash as usual. BIZ contains a unique blend of enzymes which quickly dissolves stains and odors. No need to seek out a different treatment from stain to stain. 

To start the week off we had a pizza stain. But hubby didn't tell me about it until the next day. I pre-treated it with BIZ for 10 minutes and then threw it in the wash with laundry detergent combined with more BIZ. So does BIZ work on a day old pizza stain? Yes!

The next one is my doing. My mom makes the best beef stew. I guess I was enjoying it too much because it dribbled onto my shirt! As soon as I got home I treated it and washed it. Stain gone.

For the last stain this week, I do not know why my husband was working in the garage with his favorite shorts on. But he did and proceeded to get motor oil all over them. Nice. So I added some BIZ right away and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then into the wash it went. Once again, stain is gone!

So impressive, right?! Give BIZ Stain Fighter a try for your own real life's dirty little secrets and see what it can do for your household! Stay tuned, I will continue to use BIZ and bring you more information (and perhaps some more dirty little secrets) in the coming months!

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