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iHere 3.0 Key Finder

Th question is, what doesn't the iHere 3.0 Key Finder do?! Much more than a key finder, the iHere will track your valuable items (keys, wallet, purse), locate your car, take selfies as a camera remote, record voice memos, and find your phone!

The only rechargeable item locator in the world, iHere charges via a USB with each charge lasting several weeks. No need to change batteries. Just attach an iHere to each valuable you want to track. Tap on the free iHere3 mobile app to ring iHere and quickly find your keys, wallet, or purse.

Click on iHere to locate your car or find your phone. You can ring a lost iPhone even when the phone is on silent. Separation alerts further prevent you from leaving your phone behind! The app can track any iHere's Bluetooth signal up to a 75-foot radius.

You can even click your iHere to capture spontaneous moments with iHere's remote camera control. Take the perfect selfie or group photo every time. Smile! Not only that, record voice memos hands free. When in a hurry or running late, find your lost item with just one click. Then be on your way in a flash. Like I said, what doesn't it do?!

I love the sleek design. It looks great with my iPhone and isn't too bulky on my keychain. With so many uses and the price of under $20, you really can't afford not to get one! 

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