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Discover Karin Herzog Oxygen Skincare

I am so excited to be a part of the Karin Herzog Brand Ambassador Team! Karin Herzog is the worldwide leader in oxygen-based skincare. It is the only range formulated with stabilized active oxygen, which acts as a rocket booster, propelling essential nutrients to the collagen producing cells.

In the patented formula, oxygen acts as a rocket booster, propelling essential nutrients deeply into the epidermis to nourish the collagen producing cells below. Its power is only released when the cream is in contact with the skin. So all the nourishing and revitalizing ingredients are saved for the areas you want to target, helping to transform the skin from the inside out! I am so excited to share the restoring and hydrating qualities of the Karin Herzog skincare philosophy with you throughout the year.

For about a month now, I have been on a Karin Herzog Oxygen Skincare Regime. This 4-Step Regime has started to reveal a refreshed, youthful complexion! I will link all of the products that I have been using in this post. If you decide to try anything, you can get a 15% discount by using the code LittleUmbrella!

Start with cleansing your face with Professional Cleansing. Remove all traces of cosmetics and impurities with this professional grade, dual action cleanser and makeup remover. Formulated with nourishing sesame oil and pure essential oils, it helps to unclog pores, dissolve impurities and remove waterproof makeup without stinging or irritation. To use, warm a hazelnut-size amount between your fingertips and massage it to the skin without adding water. Do not rinse it right away. Leave it on for a few minutes to let it soak all the impurities out of your pores. It is the perfect force against even water-proof and resistant make-up. 

Vita-A-Kombi 1 is Dr. Herzog's revolutionary, patented anti-aging treatment with 1% active oxygen, retinol, and Vitamin E. It helps to normalize and detoxify the skin while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Stabilized liquid phase oxygen is transformed into oxygen gas upon contact with the skin, propelling essential nutrients and water deep into the skin to energize the collagen and elastin producing cells. Oxygen creates a micro-massage effect, flushing out built up debris and toxins to fight blemishes and purify the skin. After cleansing, apply a thin film to the face and neck using a brush. Let it absorb for one minute. Use morning and night.

The Essential Mask is an instant beauty booster. This deeply hydrating mask leaves the skin immediately feeling plumped, refreshed, and radiant. Formulated with 2% active oxygen and retinol, this patented formula provides an immediate lifting and toning effect while reducing visible signs of fatigue and age. Apply a thin layer to a clean face using a brush. Leave on for 10 minutes. If skin is very dry, you can let it absorb into the skin and massage in any extra without rinsing. 

Packed with powerful vitamins and nourishing ingredients, Vitamin H is formulated to revitalize all skin types, especially dry, dehydrated and mature skin. Vitamin H helps correct conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis and eczema. It restores elasticity, firmness and softness to the complexion. Massage in a hazelnut sized amount to replenish the lipids and moisture balance typically abundant in younger skin.

The brand-new BB Cream is an all-in-one wonder cream does it all. Hydrate, boost collagen, even your skin tone and hide blemishes within one step. Based on 100% natural organic clay this BB Cream immediately provides coverage, protection and mattifies the skin while fighting wrinkles and regenerating the skin in the long term. Use a small amount and evenly distribute it on your face. The one-fits-all Medium shade will adapt to your skin tone providing you with a flawless second skin. You can build up layers for additional coverage. It contains power ingredients like Marshmallow Absolute to calm your skin, reduce redness and boost cell regeneration.

If you are looking to completely change your skin, the Karin Herzog Regime is a total game changer. The transformative effects of active oxygen will refresh your complexion for a more youthful look. You can read more about the science behind the brand at

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