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Celebrate the Mothers in Your Life

Finding the right gift for Mom on Mother’s Day is no easy task, so why not think outside of the box this year and find her a gift she’ll never see coming. Don’t forget to pay tribute to all the wonderful mothers in your life. From your best friend’s mom to your aunt who helped raise you, make sure all the strong women in your life feel as appreciated as they should be. When you’re searching for gifts for the mother figures in your life, consider these wonderful options.

The Words on Your Heart

Speak from the heart this Mother’s Day and pen a beautiful letter to every mother figure in your life. Let them know what their presence and love has meant to you throughout your life and show your appreciation with tangible words that they can hang onto for a lifetime.

Some Floral Fun

Beautiful bouquets have become somewhat of a traditional gift for Mother’s Day, and you’d be hard pressed to find a wonderful lady who didn’t enjoy the arrival of fragrant, vibrant blooms. Be sure to purchase flowers for every mother figure in your life, from your mom to your aunt to your grandmother. A delivery of flowers is the perfect way to send your love to a mother figure who resides far away and is a heartfelt way to show your appreciative sentiments.


There’s nothing quite as special as getting together with all of your loved ones, and it may be that your family hasn’t had the chance to reunite in a while. Make it your mission this Mother’s Day to surprise your mom with the arrival of cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends for a celebration of all the wonderful mothers in your family. A joint celebration is sure to be the cherry on top of a wonderful celebratory occasion. If you can’t all be together, make a photo reminder of the last time you were all together. Use a site like Shutterfly to create a personalized canvas,

A Special Trip

Life gets in the way of quality one-on-one time, and if you have little ones it’s probably been a while since you’ve had the chance to spend alone time with your mother. Make a change on this Mother’s Day and plan a special trip just for the two of you. Head out to a winery to sip on some yummy cabernets and pinot noirs, grab lunch together in one of your favorite restaurants, or head to the movie theaters to watch that feel-good comedy you’ve been itching to see. Spending this quality time together can be your gifts to each other and serves as the perfect way to ring in this special day.

Give Her a Break

If the Mom in question is your wife, the best gift might actually be the most simple to pull off. Give her a day off where she can recharge and feel rejuvenated by taking over charge of the children. Send her off on a trip to the salon or resort for a day of pampering that will help her regain her strength and feel appreciated for all of the hard work she does for your family.

Treat Yourself

Are you a mother? Don’t forget to put your own name on the list of women to appreciate this May holiday. You deserve some self-indulgence for all the hard work you do. Perhaps it’s a warm bath accompanied by a crisp glass of white wine and your favorite bar of decadent chocolate, or an uninterrupted day in the park where you can relax with your favorite book. Whatever makes you happy and feel refreshed, make a priority. This is your day to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of life’s responsibilities.

Mothers around the World

Honor the mothers around the world who may not have been blessed with all the opportunities you have. Spread love this May by donating your time, money, and efforts to organizations that focus on supporting mothers and their children. Heifer International is a wonderful organization that works with families to educate them on cooking, education tools, and more. Save the Children is dedicated to finding ways to improve health care and medical aid in countries where the infant mortality rate is shockingly over 10 percent. If you’d like to find another charity to donate to, check out

With Mother’s Day just a month away, consider what you can do to celebrate all the wonderful mother figures in your life. Whether it’s a girls’ trip or an evening spent self-pampering, take the time to give tribute to the strong women in your life, yourself included.

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