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How to Celebrate the New Mom in Your Life

A new baby marks the start of a wondrous time for every new mom, and if your loved one recently brought home a little bundle of joy, make sure you celebrate the event properly. Whether she’s your wife, sister, daughter, or best friend, share in the excitement of the new adventure she’s just embarked on by giving her the congratulations and relaxation she’s due.

A Massage Gift

Her body has been through the ringer for the past nine-plus months, so make sure it’s getting the treatment it deserves. Book her a fun massage appointment and accompany her or drop her off as her personal chauffeur. Inquire with the spa about facial treatments and the like, and find out what she would most enjoy. If she’s having a hard time leaving the house, order a professional masseuse to visit her at home while you watch the baby so she can get the tender loving care she needs.

An Additional Special Delivery

She’s had the shower, she’s received the food, but finding a special present to commemorate the actual arrival of the little bundle of joy is sure to delight and let her know she’s staying within your thoughts. Personalize a gift with her little one’s name. A special gift like this automatically becomes a treasured keepsake, and you’ll know she won’t have anything like it already. If you want to treat her to a little bit of indulgence, send chocolate strawberries or a delivery of cookies from The Cravory to ensure she’s still treating herself while she’s taking care of the little guy or gal.

Give Her a Night Off

She might be hesitant at first, but gently forcing your friend to take a break from her motherly duties will be greatly appreciated. Offer to watch the little one while she naps or catches up on all of her favorite television programs, or find a trusted friend or babysitter to do the watching while you take the new mom out for a night of adult conversation. It can be hard to feel like you’re anything but “Mom” after the arrival of your newborn, so make sure you converse about all the things you would have before—don’t simply focus your dinner table fodder on the baby.

A Date Night

If she and her hubby need a break to reconnect with each other, offer to watch the baby for an evening while they head out on a date night. Purchase a gift card to their favorite restaurant, and show up an hour early at their home so they can have time to get dressed up and treat the night as a real date without worrying about the little one. New parents rarely have time to spend with each other on their own, so this gift would definitely be appreciated by both parties. Offer to stay overnight with the little one if they would like to book a hotel room for a stay-cation that leaves them both rejuvenated.

The Daily Chores

Sleepless nights and constant attention for the new life in her care is a recipe for one exhausted mama. Her sleeplessness might be making it hard for her to get all of her chores done, and her house likely looks like a tornado rolled through. Chaos leads to chaos, so help her keep her home and mind as spic and span as possible by heading over and cleaning for her. It’s both safe for the baby and will give her a clearer mind. If you can’t make it over yourself, send a cleaning service as a treat. While she’s likely received quite a bit of food in the first few weeks following her return home from the hospital, the gifts of nourishment tend to die down a bit. Make sure she’s staying healthy and sustained by delivering fresh groceries or subscribe her to a fun service like Hello Fresh that will drop off recipe boxes to her house every week. Don’t wait for her to ask you to do something; if you see a need, fill it without prompting.

Express your sincere congratulations and help share in the joy of your friend’s new arrival with these wonderful celebratory ideas that she will definitely appreciate.

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