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Valentine's Day Manicure Ideas for Every Personality

Celebrity Nail Tech Elle knows just how to create manicures for every personality type. Whether your date for February 14th is your one true love or best gal pal, these nail hues are guaranteed to impress. Elle is a top manicurist who regularly works on the nails of celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Lena Dunham, Blake Lively, Heidi Klum, and Michelle Williams. 

She understands that a woman wants to feel confident, especially on a romantic date night. That's why your manicure should reflect your personality! Here are a few polish hues that Elle suggests for the ‘glamour girl,’ ‘sweetheart girl,’ ‘daring girl,’ and ‘Vixen girl’ to help her feel beautiful and embrace the romantic holiday with poise and elegance.

I must be a glamour girl because I have fallen in love (no pun intended) with this color! For the glamour girl, Elle suggests you choose a classic red hue for nails, such as Dermelect Cosmeceuticals’ ‘Red-iculous’ paired with a shiny top coat.

For the sweetheart girl, paint a light, translucent pink hue on the nail, such as Dermelect’s Indulgence, and top it with holiday-appropriate nail art, such as pink hearts or polka dots using a brighter, playful pink, like Dermelect’s ‘Moxie’. The daring girl can incorporate pink and red hues together by creating a half moon or French manicure with the two colors.

For the vixen girl, an edgy crimson red with blue undertones, such as Dermelect’s ‘Blue Blood,’ or even a rich, metallic black can make a major statement. Which look is your favorite?

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