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Just Chill is the Calming Drink that Helps Reduce Stress + Enhance Focus #ThePowerofCalm

JUST CHILL® is a calming drink designed to keep you calm and focused. Yes. It is a drink. Yes it is delicious. Yes it calms you. How does it work? Science. JUST CHILL is a beverage with benefits. Each ingredient works together to help enhance focus while relieving stress. Ingredients like l-theanine, vitamin-c, b-vitamins, zinc, and magnesium.

JUST CHILL is the first beverage to use the power calm as a medium for high performance. Their blend of functional ingredients, including SunTheanine has been designed to support your lifestyle of staying calm and confident while you do your thing. So instead of relying caffeine and energy drinks to get you through your day, why not JUST CHILL? If you're a smooth operator, you know you are at your best when you’re calm and focused, not jacked up and jittery.

JUST CHILL comes in four flavors. The newest is the zero calorie, zero sugar - Ginger. They have actually taken real ginger and created the first crisp and refreshing JUST CHILL Zero flavor. It's good and the fizzy bubbles just make it that much better.

Next up is Tropical. The mouthwatering flavors of mango, peach and orange combine to create the signature JUSTCHILL: Tropical flavor. I love a fruit drink and this one does not disappoint.

Rio Berry is where pomegranate and raspberry flavors come together in a crisp, full-bodied blend, making JUST CHILL: Rio Berry an exotic addition to the JUST CHILL family. Rio Berry is probably my least fave, but that is only because pomegranate is just not my thing.

Finally, we have Jamaican Citrus. With a hint of fresh Cuban mint, JUST CHILL: Jamaican Citrus is a celebration of the famous Caribbean-born, Mojito. Oh yes, a calming Mojito. This one is my favorite. It is just so crisp, cool, and refreshing.

If you want to stay cool and calm while you do you thing, you should check out JUST CHILL. You can shop online or look for JUST CHILL in a store near you. I found it at The Fresh Market by me. Give it a try and embrace the power of calm!

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