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Beauty Travel Essentials

Are you traveling for spring break? It is super cold here and I am ready for some warmer weather. But traveling can be a nightmare, from waiting in line at security to your seat-buddy snagging the entire arm rest, it can certainly add some undue stress to even the most frequent flier. So how’s a girl to keep sane on the plane? With a little help from some beauty products from BioRepublic, Evian, Carmex, Miracle Skin Transformer, Violife, and Alterna Haircare.

1 | Lose Your Baggage
Eye bags, that is! Cabin pressure can cause swelling everywhere from ankles to fingers and even puffy eyes. To keep eye bags at bay, try BioRepublic’s Cucumber Breeze Soothing Sheet Mask. This ultra-soothing facial mask is infused with natural cucumber extract, plant collagen, and vitamin e. It will even tightens pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines. You will be left with calm, rejuvenated, spring-fresh skin. Then on your way home, after some fun in the sun, try BioRepublic’s Aloe Rescue Revitalizing Sheet Mask. This skin revitalizing facial mask is infused with natural aloe vera extract, phytocollagen, and vitamin e. It soothes dry skin, making it perfect for after sun use.

2 | Rehydrate
Use this delightful cool mist to rehydrate skin and revive makeup. Plane cabins, sun-soaked days, and salt water just suck the moisture right out of your skin. The mist of Evian Mineral Water Spray will make it all better. This powerful cleansing mist removes perspiration, harmful salt, or chlorine. It instantly soothes and rehydrates sun-burned or wind-chapped skin, leaving you with a beautiful, radiant complexion. Spray your desired amount to keep makeup fresh and replenish much needed moisture. It feels so so so good!

3 | Moisturize & Protect
Apply Carmex Lip Balm at least two or three times a day to ensure lips are continuously moisturized. It’s important to remember to re-apply after eating or drinking. Available in a variety of forms and flavors, Carmex Lip Balm contains lanolin, which works with skin’s natural moisture defenses, and petrolatum, which soothes and hydrates dry lips. Just like the rest of your body, your lips need protection from the sun in order to maintain their overall health and appearance. When heading outdoors, apply Carmex Lip Balm with SPF 15 throughout the day. This lip balm was awarded the Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation and provides broad spectrum SPF 15 sun protection against UVA and UVB rays.

4 | Hydrate Skin
Most planes fly between 30,000 and 35,000 feet where humidity is extremely low. This causes plane air to be super dry, which not only parches the nose and throat, but also the largest organ on your body, the skin. Not only should you drink plenty of H2O during flight, it is important to make sure skin is kept hydrated. Miracle Skin Transformer’s Miracle Balm is a multi-purpose beauty balm that hydrates and protects skin. Use is on everything from lips to cuticles and everything in between. Bonus, if you’re heading to a sunny spot, you can use Miracle Balm post sun.

5 | Brush Up
No one wants to be “that guy” with bad breath on the plane. Did you know that frequent flying can actually lead to something called tooth squeeze – when salivary glands slow down production of saliva, leading to bad breathe?! Fight stale breath by always carrying small, portable toothbrush like Violife’s Slim Sonic. These fun printed, sonic powered toothbrushes disperse 22,000 brush strokes per minute.

5 | Texturize
Everyone loves that just just-back-from-the-beach hair. Get a head start with this beach texture spray. It instantly adds wavy texture, volume, and weightless moisture to create sultry beach waves without the drying effect of normal salt sprays. It is infused with complete color and UVA/UVB protection to help combat the damaging effects of the sun, pool, and saltwater and is infused with a decadent mango coconut scent.