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This Acne Treatment Works For Me

This post is made possible by Facing Acne.

What is the best acne treatment? I happen to like the tried and true Proactiv. It just works for me. Proactiv has many different kinds of products available now. But I like the simple three step system. It includes the renewing cleanser, the revitalizing toner, and the repairing treatment.

Gentle yet effective, the Renewing Cleanser is formulated with tiny, smooth exfoliating beads to sweep away dirt, oil and makeup - plus prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide to fight acne-causing bacteria. I loving using this cleanser. My skin feels so clean and refreshed after using it. Unlike other acne products, it doesn't dry out my skin.

The alcohol-free Revitalizing Toner contains a soothing blend of ingredients, along with glycolic acid to help promote even skin tone and texture. It gently exfoliates dead skin cells and removes excess surface oil to help keep pores from clogging. I love how it also helps balance the skin’s natural oils and moisture. Just like the cleanser, this product does not dry out your skin.

Finish out your acne treatment with the Repairing Treatment. Wear this feather-light treatment day and night to disrupt the cycle of acne. Micro-milled benzoyl peroxide penetrates quickly to attack acne at its source – clearing blemishes and help to prevent new breakouts from forming. The super light formula helps to keep pores clear while helping them to appear smaller.

After using the Proactiv Solution products, my acne will usually clear up in just a few days! It is scary that 95% of acne treatments on the market don’t work as advertised and often make acne worse. They can burn your skin and make your face red, which actually makes your acne worse and as such only serves to make you even more self-conscious. But I have always liked using Proactiv Solution and I have always had great success with their acne treatment line. Have you tried Proactiv? What do you think?