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#intelliGLASS PRO Glass Screen Protector Review

Dropping your phone is not cool. Cracking your screen is not cool. The intelliGLASS PRO glass screen protector IS SO cool. intelliGLASS screen protectors from intelliARMOR keep drops from becoming a disaster. intelliGLASS is an ultra high clarity outer shield that will protect your screen from scratches and drops. Did you know that fixing a broken touch screen can cost hundreds of dollars? As your phone's outer armor, intelliGLASS will absorb just about any impact, sacrificing itself for your phone.

From preventing scratches to repelling fingerprints, there are so many things to love about intelliGLASS. It real glass, which means you retain 99.99% touchscreen accuracy and clarity. More features to love include:
  • The super slim glass screen preserves the original aesthetic of your device. 
  • Since it is ultra clear, you can enjoy bright, crisp colors with maximum transparency and enjoy full touch sensitivity. 
  • Specially crafted to deliver maximum scratch resistance and defend against even the hardest bumps and knocks. intelliGLASS is designed to have better scratch resistance than steel. 
  • Say no to smudges and fingerprints. intelliGLASS sports a specially formulated oleophobic coating that resists all signs of contact with your finger. 
  • The easy installation was both surprising and fantastic. It glided right into place with almost no effort. If you are unsure, you can always watch the installation video first.

The intelliGLASS kit includes everything you need for installation. You will get a 0.33 MM intelliGLASS screen protector, a touch screen cleaner, a dust removal sticker, and a microfiber cloth. The advanced silicone base layer adheres to your screen easily and without bubbles - all while leaving no residue. 

I am very impressed with the intelliGLASS PRO screen protector for iPhone 6/6s. You can order it in white or black to match your phone so that the look after installation is seamless. I love how I have no fingerprint residue and my screen always look nice a clear. You can't beat intelliGLASS for price or quality.

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