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Create an Anniversary Celebration He’ll Never Forget

If your anniversary is coming up, you’re going to want to make sure your guy knows how much you love and care for him. Whether you’ve been together for a year or 25 years, your anniversary is an opportunity for you to show him just how special he is. Instead of doing the same old thing, plan a unique celebration that he’ll never see coming.

Whisk Him Away

They always say Prince Charming comes to sweep you off your feet, but this is 2016, ladies - it’s high time we returned the favor. Plan a weekend getaway you know he’ll love and don’t give him any details. Have him set aside a weekend and make sure he doesn’t make any contrasting plans. Pack him a bag after he leaves for work, and have the car gassed up, filled with snacks, and a road trip playlist ready to go. When he gets home, tell him about your plan and hit the road. He’ll love that you took the initiative to plan something and you can spend a weekend relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. My favorite drivable excursions are to local wineries or the beach if applicable, but depending on your geography, you might have some other awesome options to consider.

Present Time

Shopping for anniversary gifts can be a tough task, but with a little bit of thoughtfulness you’re guaranteed to find something he loves. One of my favorite recommendations is to find a practical item but give it a sentimental twist by personalizing it. If your hubby is a football fanatic, maybe find a print of a historical play. If he’s the main cook in the household and always finds an excuse to light up that barbecue, get his initials monogrammed on a wooden-handled grill fork. You know him better than anyone, so consider what he likes to do and personalize an item around that hobby.

Tickets to an Event

Make this date night really special and head to a surprise event. Peruse for some last-minute ticket deals and get into a concert you know he’ll love or head to a sporting event he never dreamed he would get to attend. Give him the clothing guidelines and drive him there without giving him the details. If it’s a sporting event, throw his jersey in the back of the car and pull it out in the parking lot for a surprise that will definitely leave his jaw dropping. He might get the hint when you’re en route, so if you really want it to be a shocker, blindfold him for the drive. The excitement alone will be a gift, and the reveal will be more than worth your secretive efforts.

Get His Heart Pumping

Make him feel alive this anniversary with an adrenaline rush that’s going to get his heart pumping. Pick a fun activity from and shock him with a date that’s anything but ordinary. He can race a Ferrari sports car, enjoy a cruise, fly a jetpack, or zip line through forest canopies. The sky really is the limit, so if your guy is a brave adrenaline junkie, pick from the wide selection and shock him this anniversary. Extra points if you take part in the thrilling activities as well!

Little Efforts, Big Rewards

If you’re on a budget but still want to create an anniversary to remember, commit to little efforts that will make his day. Wake up early and bring him breakfast in bed, iron his clothes, and slip sweet notes into his pockets before he goes - he’ll find them throughout the day and won’t be able to stop smiling. Drop by his office and deliver his favorite meal as a surprise for lunch. When he gets home from work, be dressed up to the nines and make his jaw drop, holding a plate of chocolate covered strawberries to really set the mood. These little efforts won’t go unnoticed, and will help you plan a memorable anniversary even if you’re working with a tiny budget.

Whether you’ve been with your hubby for years or you’re just starting out on the marriage road, make him feel like a king this anniversary.

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