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Give the Gift of a Good Night's Sleep with SKY Bedding

SKY Bedding brings you bedding products that contribute to the health and comfort of your family. They know that families are happier and healthier when everyone gets a good night’s sleep. Sleep is when our body rejuvenates and heals itself. Therefore, SKY Bedding believes in creating the most restful environment possible.

Paying the big bucks for a high-quality mattress is worth it - but nobody wants to make that purchase again for a while. Protect your investment with a SKY Bedding Premium Mattress Protector. Protect your mattress from from allergens, dust mites, bacteria, perspiration, drool and fluids. The SKY Bedding Premium Mattress Protector is 100% waterproof giving you complete protection from all liquid spills, accidents, and perspiration. This mattress protector is hypoallergenic and is a must have for those suffering from allergy triggers such as dust mites and pollen. Unfortunately, dust mites can be found by the millions in unprotected mattresses and can lead to the development of asthma, causes congestion, and is a leading cause of eczema.

The features of a SKY Bedding Premium Mattress Protector include:
  • Protection: Get two levels of protection. The cotton terry top layer absorbs moisture while the polyurethane protective barrier repels liquids so your mattress stays perfectly clean and dry. 
  • Waterproof: The SKY Bedding Mattress Protector repels all liquids. That means accidental spills, bodily fluids, perspiration, and urine. 
  • Hypoallergenic: The polyurethane protective barrier will inhibit allergy-causing bacteria from living in your mattress. 
  • Cool: The breathable mattress protector helps you get a good night’s sleep without overheating. 
  • Easy to Clean: It is easy to keep clean because it is machine washable. Simply toss it in with your sheets. Normal household detergent is all you need - no bleach. Tumble dry on low heat. No ironing needed. 
  • Full Warranty Protection: Get a full replacement 15-Year Warranty. 

Once you slip your SKY Bedding mattress protector over your mattress, you’ll forget it’s even there. No crinkling noises. No bunching fabric. You can rest assured that your mattress is 100% protected without changing the feel of your bedding. And the fitted-sheet design easily slips over mattress depths of 6 to 22 inches.

The SKY Bedding Pillow Cases offer these same benefits for your pillows. With SKY Bedding Pillow Protectors, you can sleep knowing your head is resting on the best. The ultra-thin cotton terry surface will not change the feel of your pillow. Yet you will still be protected from allergens, dust mites, bacteria, perspiration, drool, and fluids.

If bed bugs or dust mites are a problem in your neighborhood, you can rest peacefully when your pillows are protected by SKY Bedding. They specialize in bug-proof protectors that keep little critters from making a home in your pillows. The SKY Bedding Pillow Protectors also come with a 15 year product warranty.
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Buy It :: You can purchase the Premium Mattress Protector for $30 (queen) and the Premium Pillow Protectors for $20 (standard).