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5 Fashion Tips from Parisians

What city is the capital of love, fashion, good food, and the most stylish people in the world? If you answered Paris – you are right! The capital city of France is not only famous for its beautiful architecture, romantic scenery, and exquisite cuisine, but also because women there really know how to dress. These five classic fashion tips come from those who know fashion best, the Parisians! Keep these tips in mind the next time you stand in front of your wardrobe. Don’t forget that being femme fatale doesn’t require a lot of money – it is all about how you present yourself!

Never Follow Trends Blindly

One of the first things a Parisian will tell you is to never to follow random trends blindly. It is better to find your own unique sense of style and get clothing that will accentuate it. In fact, runway fashion is more like a showpiece, not a daily outfit. Therefore, you should always find one or two pieces from the newest collection that could be worn during several seasons. Think classics, and never buy clothing that will be on for one season, but out the next

Always Get Fitted Clothing

I have never seen a French woman with oversized, loose, baggy clothing. She always looks fantastic in everything she wears, and that is what you should keep in mind as well. Real French women wear clothes that flatter their bodies. Regardless of trends, they always look great. And although it might be hard to find clothing that fits you perfectly, you should find a local tailor. With the help of a professional, you will look gorgeous, every clothing piece will look perfect on you, and you will never leave the store without that perfect dress you wanted to buy that didn’t fit you just right again!

Think Neutral

Let’s talk about colors. French women usually achieve their looks by starting with a neutral color and then matching it with brighter colored pieces or accessories. A basic color palette should include blacks, whites, grays, and navy. These neutral shades suit every woman’s complexion and match perfectly together. When you are shopping, keep these colors in mind. But don’t forget to pick up a few colorful pieces to create more visual interest in your look.

Shop for Quality, Not Quantity

High-quality clothing will not only look great, but it will also create a very chic and expensive look like Parisian women have. On the flip side, the cheap clothing you bought for a few dollars will never have that effect. This is why the French say to choose quality over quantity. It is better to buy one good pair of black trousers you can wear for many different occasions than a bunch of cheap jeans in various colors.

Keep Accessories to a Minimum

Finally, a fashionable Parisian would likely not wear more than two different accessories with one outfit. It could be a ring and a necklace, or earrings with a bracelet, and so on. It was the legendary Coco Chanel who said, "Every time you leave the house, you should always remove one item from your ensemble." Keep this rule in your mind and you will never over-do your look again! Just pick either one strong or two smaller pieces and you will look fabulous!