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The Fivesse Bag | Sort, Store, Systemize, Sustain + Shine

I love a great bag that can keep me organized. Not only does a Fivesse bag do that, it looks fabulous too. When the Fivesse stylists were creating their bags, they made a dream wish list of everything the perfectly organized gym bag and beach bag should have. Then they made it happen. In a Fivesse bag, there’s “a place for everything, and everything is in its place.”

Fivesse fitness bags and beach bags are designed to help you stay organized wherever your day takes you. They look great on the outside - but they are so smart on the inside. Designed with a feminine touch, their silhouettes, colors and patterns are inspired by handbags and current fashion trends.

Fivesse Beach Bags are fashionable and extremely functional. If there was a place that "a place for everything" was needed the most, it would be a sandy beach or a wet pool area. Fivesse beach and pool bags feature lots of pockets and other extras to keep busy women feeling organized and relaxed knowing their belongings are safely stored from grit and water.

Look for smart features like a water-resistant pouch for your reading materials, and two removable pouches for quick grabs of sunscreen and snacks. You will also find storage pockets for glasses, phones, club cards, toiletries, valuables, sea shells, and water bottle. Oh and by the way, each of the features is labeled with a cute icon so you know where everything goes!

The beach tote features a water proof lining, comfortable rope handles, a large middle opening for towels and toys. It is the perfect size for packing for multiple people – either for a romantic getaway, a girls’ trip, or for the entire family. This bag holds multiple towels and has several well-thought out interior pockets for all the small things that usually get lost - and gross - in the bottom of a large bag. No more wet and yucky sand on everything. I love my Fivesse bag!

Look for Fivesse gym bags too. The name, Fivesse, is inspired by the Japanese philosophy “5S” - when everything is organized and in its proper place, life just runs better. Sort, Store, Systemize, Sustain, so you can Shine.

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