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Summer Travel Tech Trends

Ever since Memorial Day, summer travels have been heading to the beach, the mountains, the cities, or wherever their heart desires. AAA reported summer travelers kicked off the season early this year with 37.2 Americans traveling over Memorial Day (that’s nearly a 5 percent increase from 2014). From road trips to exotic vacations, here are three trends taking place during this year’s travel season.
  1. Fur baby watch :: Our pets are members of our families, so finding a safe and comfortable place for them to sleep while we are away is just as important as booking our own hotel. These days, some doggie hotels are not only comfy, they also allow you to check in with your pup via Skype so you can vacation worry free. 
  2. So long selfie stick :: Many museums, festivals and even Disney World have banned selfie sticks. So what’s the next trend in vacationers capturing and sharing their every move? Video. Travelers can forgo the selfie stick and try video messaging tools like Skype Qik instead. This gives you a fun and easy way to share moments, laugh and chat with groups of friends or individual contacts throughout the day. With Skype Qik, you can send short video messages that are up to 40 seconds, or respond with a pre-recorded 5 second video clip.
  3. DIY tourist :: Travelers want vacations customized to them. Standard hotels and packaged tours no longer offer vacationers the flexibility they are looking for, which is why we’ve seen a drastic rise in people using services like Airbnb. And to make sure their rental really meets their needs, renters are using tools like Skype to take a virtual tour beforehand to ensure the rental is all it is cracked up to be.
  4. Personal concierge :: People’s smartphones have turned into a one-stop-shop for all things travel, from directions, restaurant recommendations, mobile boarding passes and more. Additionally, mobile digital personal assistants such as Cortana Trip Planner helps take the stress out of traveling so you can kick back and relax. Cortana will let you know when online checking opens up, the latest weather at your destination, and keep an eye on traffic for your voyage to the airport.
What do you think about these tech-y travel trends? I definitely agree with #4. I just returned from vacation and I downloaded several apps before I left to make travel easy and convenient. How do you utilize technology during your summer travels?