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Streamline Your Dental Routine with REACH Complete Care

I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of REACH® and One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

I need to keep my dental routine as streamlined as possible. I have the smallest bathroom you have ever seen. So I don't have the space for all kinds of products. In fact, I have absolutely no counter space on my pedestal sink. If there is a home remodeling show reading this, please come and redo my small bathroom. Anyway, for now I need to save as much space as I can. This is one reason that I love the REACH® Complete Care™ products!

First I tried Reach Complete Care 8-in-1 Anti-Plaque Anti-Gingivitis Rinse in Arctic Mint. This is how you upgrade your dental routine! The unique design of Reach Complete Care Mouth Rinse gives you more convenience and more coverage for a more complete clean. I love the No Mess Pump Dispenser. The cup sits nicely on top of the bottle and you just squirt it in. So that takes care of correct dosage as well as storage. The formula itself kills bad breath germs, helps prevent gingivitis, reduces plaque, fights tartar build-up, freshens breath and cleans the whole mouth by foaming between the teeth with no burn of alcohol. I appreciate the fact that it doesn't burn and I feel like my whole mouth is clean. I also like the Arctic Mint Flavor. Then we come to a very cool feature. On the side of the bottle you will find a Convenient Toothbrush Holder! More space saving.

I also tried the Reach Complete Care Curve Toothbrush. It has a 13° triple angled neck and triple angled bristles to maximize contact with each tooth and help clean between teeth and around the gum line. The design is so smart because it is perfectly contoured for your mouth. It feels great in your hand too. The control grip allows effortless rotation from outside to inside teeth. Both my husband and I really liked the toothbrush. Remember when you are done brushing, you just hang the toothbrush in your REACH mouth rinse!

If you put both REACH Complete Care products together, you get a much more efficient and tidy dental routine! Between the REACH rinse with toothbrush holder, no mess pump, and dosage cup holder; and the perfectly contoured REACH toothbrush, you will appreciate this simple upgrade.

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