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GuruNanda Sweet Almond Oil is a Beauty Multi-Tasker

We all know that certain oils always seem to find their way into beauty routines. But almond oil? Yes! Some call it “almond joy” in a bottle. GuruNanda Sweet Almond Oil has so many uses, it just may be the one beauty product you’d choose to take with you to a desert island. 

This vitamin and antioxidant-packed multi-tasker is really that good. Skin and hair love its lightweight, non-greasy texture and its deeply moisturizing properties. Best known for anti-aging properties for health and beauty skin and hair treatments, Sweet Almond Oil is an emollient that, when applied to the skin or hair, creates a healthy, youthful, soft, and radiant look and feel. It has been known to help many skin conditions such as: eczema, dark patches, rosacea, scars, dry/cracked skin, and inflamed skin. It is viscid oil that absorbs slower than other oils that also helps with peeling or sunburn, as well as relives itching. Wow. I know.

Sweet Almond Oil is natural oil derived from the sweet almond nut. Almonds are a rich source of oil, containing about 44% oils. Other uses include: massage oil, cooking oil, aromatherapy, wood conditioner, moisturizer, under eye treatment, add in soap, split ends, dandruff, tame hair, body scrub, and razor cuts as well as preventing razor rust. Give it a try!

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