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Engage Critical Thinking Skills with Learning Resources

As a teacher, engaging critical thinking skills is something I always strive to do. My students have opportunities to observe, analyze, infer, evaluate, and explain their thinking. Learning Resources has two new items perfect for engaging critical thinking skills for ages 5 and up.

Create-a-Maze allows children to put best-laid plans into motion with a brain-boosting, make-you-think game! Students have a chance to build a maze with curvy, colorful pieces by following the designs pictured on the Activity Cards. This game is awesome. I will be using this in science for sure. I know they will love it so much, I will probably let them experiment with it during free time as well.

Create-a-Maze pushes hand-eye coordination to the limit as children map a path through the maze, tilting the board and guiding the ball around the obstacles and into the goal. Not only can they follow the maps, they can eventually give it a try by creating their own designs! It’s a one-of-a-kind challenge that revs up engineering and critical thinking skills. Endless combinations of designs provide multiple levels of play. 

The Tumble Trax Magnetic Marble Run will also get the critical thinking skills rolling! In this activity, students will create their own unique marble run with long, short, and curved magnetic pieces. Then comes the fun part. Drop the marble from the highest point to see your design come to life! Take the challenge to the next level by building the designs pictured on the Activity Cards. 

This is perfect for science and for math. It is easy to engage students by asking questions like, "Can you make the marbles speed up, slow down, stop, or change direction by rearranging the pieces?" Engineering and problem solving have never been this fun! There are endless combinations of designs provide multiple levels of learning.

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