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Let's Get on the Samepage, Shall We? #getmoredone

You know the saying. I feel like we're not on the same page. You know what it means. One person's vision isn't matching up with the other person's vision. Usually this is because one person can't imagine what the other is trying to share. Well Samepage took care of that problem. 

Samepage is a new, free, cloud based platform which enables multiple users to manage projects and share content and conversation all on one online page. Get it? Samepage. This great shortcut will let you work smarter, save time, and enhance performance and productivity.

Samepage is changing the way people share ideas and content and helps keep any group, small or large, organized and informed. Whether you are planning a wedding, planting a garden, managing a sports team ... you get the idea ... Samepage will work for you. Samepage is so flexible, you can use it for anything and everything. You can use it for planning events, collaborating on work projects, saving important files, and keeping a household or sports team organized.

What can you put on your page? One can share files, pictures, maps, videos and even cloud files from Dropbox, Google Drive and other services. How do I use Samepage? Samepage is accessible through a browser. It is also available on an iOS and Android app.

Personal and professional activities with others can be coordinated in a single online page. One can easily create an online page in a few minutes and share it with friends, social networks, co-workers or the whole Internet. Whether one is sharing a set of recipes with a church group, some photos of a hike with Facebook friends or the itinerary for a business trip with a work team, Samepage makes it easy.

Using Samepage is fun and easy. I am a teacher, so I will be using Samepage for planning, communicating with parents, and organizing information. I will also use Samepage for blogging - to plan posts and organize big articles. I can't wait to share Samepage with my friends and family too. Whether I want to share vacation photos, or recipes, Samepage makes it so simple! How will you use Samepage?

Connect :: Visit to learn more about creating your own pages! You can also find Samepage on Facebook and Twitter.

Get It :: Sign up for Samepage and create as many pages as you like! Keep a few just for yourself and share the rest with family, friends, co-workers, or the world.