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10 Ways to Get Organized

Summer is the time when I can get things around my home organized. It is time to organize my desk, my makeup, my shoes, my kitchen, basically everything. Here are 10 products that I actually own and love that have helped me on my organization journey.

1. MIU COLOR Collapsible Storage Boxes :: These lovelies go in your drawers. Organize underwear, socks, neck ties, scarves, bras, accessories etc. They make it easy to find which one you want to wear and never need to ransack all of your clothes.

2. Cosmetic Organizing Carousel :: This cosmetic organizing carousel is an easy way to organize your cosmetics and vanity. The lazy susan base rotates 360 degrees, which makes finding each of your products extremely easy. It will hold each of your cosmetic accessories, from the larger sized brushes to the smaller hard to find bobby pins and hair pieces. I also use one of these in my classroom for my calendar numbers!

3. Knock Knock Notepads :: Knock Knock notepads make goal-setting significantly less annoying. The Daily Intention Tracker Pad will make sure that you start and end the day with good intentions. With this hopeful pad, you’ll never lose sight of lofty aspirations. Whether you want to attract positive energy or just get rid of household clutter, this pad has your karma covered. The Now / Later Perforated Pad allows you to double plan your day. You can't be two places at once, but this magic to-do list pad can. At first glance, it’s an ordinary list for now and later. But wait! Look closer and tear - then divide and conquer.

4. Teal Organization Cart :: Not only is it cute, but the uses for this organization cart are endless. This sleek cart provides additional storage options for any small space. It can be used in a home office, laundry room, bathroom, or closet. Use it as a craft cart to keep all your supplies organized, as a kitchen cart to free up space on your counters, or stock it as a bar cart for entertaining! I use mine in my closet to store bags and accessories.

5. Acrylic Cosmetic Storage Boxes :: This two piece set organizes jewelry and cosmetics in one place. The removable black mesh padding keeps jewelry protected and in place. The completely removable drawers slide out smoothly. I love using these for my makeup. You can see what is inside each drawer, so you know where everything is.

6. Goodprint Business Cards :: Goodprint helps you make a good impression by offering high quality, well designed business cards. You can use your own design and/or logo, or choose from one of the many thousands of professionally-designed templates. In just a few minutes, you can create your own cards just the way you want them. It was so easy to create my cards. They are so cute!

7. Bamboo Towel Door Hook :: This five hook stainless steel towel door hook will not only keep the towels off the floor, but will also add a sharp look to your bathroom as well. I love the contrast of bamboo and stainless steel. It fits right over the door just perfectly. I hang my towels and my robe on it.

8. Stackable 15-Cube Organizer :: This 15-cubby organizer can be used for shoe storage, but it can also store small-items and accessories. It is made of wood laminate construction in your choice of colors. It can hold 15 pairs of shoes, and is stackable for additional storage space. I love these for my closets.

9. Cascading Wall Organizer :: The cascading wall organizer saves desk space by utilizing often overlooked wall space. The six cascading pockets are removable to make viewing and access to documents easy. An elastic cord closure allows for secure and easy transport. The colored pockets each hold 25 sheets. The clear pocket on front allows for extra storage. I use this to organize my blogging for the week. It works and looks great!

10. Hardware and Craft Cabinet :: Take these versatile cabinets out of the garage! Sure they can store nuts and bolts. But I use them for paper clips, post it notes, brads, and erasers. I have one in my classroom and one in my home office. They are so compact and perfect for those little doo-dads that you don't know what to do with!

What are some of your favorite ways to organize your spaces?

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