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Summer Boating

Benefits of Boat Storage Out of Water

Reserving a boat slip in a convenient marina is the goal for many vessel enthusiasts, but your prized asset is better stored out of the water. Whether you haul your boat to the water or use boat house lifts, dry docking a vessel poses several benefits for owners. Preserving the boat for a long lifespan is a challenge even for the most diligent owner.

Minimal Storm Damage

Even the smallest storm passing through a region offers some damaging winds and swells. Whether a boat is located in an ocean marina or lake, pulling the vessel out of the water reduces storm damage. Swells force the boat against pilings that may not have cushions, for example. Debris could strike the vessel too, creating both cosmetic and serious damages to the hull.

Reduced Moisture Harm

Although boats are manufactured to operate in water, this liquid is naturally corrosive. Over time, water can create rust or allow algae to grow along moist surfaces. When painted hulls begin to crack from age, water corrosion takes an even stronger hold. By removing a vessel from the water, it's allowed to dry out. Water cannot remain in crevices because it will drain out. Corrosion relies on time and saturation, making a boat lift or hauling practices crucial to vessel preservation.

Consistent Hull Examination

A major benefit of out-of-water boat storage is hull examination. The hull must be in prime condition or the vessel could be flooded in just a few minutes. When boats are pulled out of the water, hulls can be scrutinized for any damage or paint needs. Vessels remaining in water can only be examined with scuba gear, making the survey process difficult and challenging to fix issues when they arise.

Less Criminal Activity

Boat vandalism or theft is greatly reduced with a vessel pulled from the water. Criminals want a simple target, and accessing a lifted boat tied to harnesses is too challenging. They'll simply move off to an easier target. Minimal criminal activity leads to lower insurance rates and reduced owner worries.

If you are looking for a boat house lift, research available models before choosing a product. There are several lift designs, such as 3-point or cradling, that work perfectly for specific boat designs. With a trusted lift matched to the vessel, owners should see clear sailing ahead with minimal weathering to their favorite transportation.