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Jane's BIG - HUGE - GIANT Mother's Day Giveaway has announced their biggest giveaway ever! You could win a Madsen Bicycle, a $1,000 Amazon Gift Card, or a $1,000 Sephora Gift Card! Yes, big! 3 lucky ladies to choose which of these amazingly fabulous gifts they want to have in their wallet ... errr, garage.

Oh and did I mention that I have a secret way that will get you an additional +5 entries per day?! See Step 3 below for more info.

Kick your feet up for a few minutes (you deserve it) and enter the giveaway! Just think, you could be spending all your free time at Sephora, shopping Amazon in your undies or cruisin’ around the hood on your new Madsen Bicycle. Now that you know what you could win, here is how you enter.

Step 1: Visit the Jane Giveaway Page.

Step 2: Login to the giveaway widget using your email.

Step 3: Look for the entry option that says "Enter giveaway partner code" then enter this code LESLI4563. You can use this code to get +5 entries per day!

Step 4: Enter as many other entries as you would like! Good luck!

The Jane giveaway ends May 10, 2015 and is open to US residents only.