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Let Your Natural Beauty Shine Through #LoveVJC

Disclosure: I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of Victoria Jackson® and One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

When you look better, you feel better. And when you feel better, you can change your life. That is the spirit behind Victoria Jackson Cosmetics. Their purpose for 30 years has been to help women achieve inner confidence through outer beauty. What made me the most excited to work with them is this idea of a "No Make Up" Make Up Look.

So what does that mean exactly? Well Victoria Jackson® has learned that it doesn't take much. A dot of foundation here, a subtle pencil stroke there, the light dusting of blush. And you’re ready. Ready for the day. For life. For anything.

I was sent three products to try from Victoria Jackson®. Let's start with my favorite of the three - the Victoria Jackson Survival Kit. This is one smart and convenient kit! Need a lipstick? How about 5 choices. Eye shadow? It’s got 10 knock-out shades. The ultimate go to beauty arsenal, its little drawers and secret compartments reveal a treasure trove of makeup essentials, and then some.

Let's go on a tour of the Victoria Jackson Survival Kit now shall we?
  1. The kit closes up all nice and compact making it easy to take anywhere!
  2. You just take off the lid.
  3. You pull out your Mascara in Midnight Black.
  4. You can also pull out your 2 Liners: 1 lip liner in Dark Nude, 1 eye liner in Deep Black.
  5. Open it to reveal a mirror and 5 Lipsticks in Clear Gloss, Rose Pink, Berry Mauve, Fiery Red, and Deep Pink.
  6. Slide out to compartments which contain 10 Eye Shadows in Ice White, Rose Pink, Neutral Brown, Warm Dark Brown, Iridescent Olive, Gold Flecked Warm Brown, Silver Gray, Gray Blue, Gold Flecked Cool Brown and Steel Gray.
  7. Another flap down and you get your 2 Blushes in Mauvey Pink and Copper Berry.
  8. Slide open the compartment above the mirror and you will find 3 Applicators: a blush brush, a liner brush, and a shadow brush.
  9. There you have all of the extras pulled out and ready to use.
How cool is this kit? I have been toting it around with me and I love how it has absolutely everything I need for a complete look! The shades are fantastic too. Check out the swatches below.

Victoria Jackson® is always developing more ways to look good and feel good about yourself. Innovate products like the Survival Kit make looking your best simpler and more convenient than ever. I would say it one of the most convenient beauty kits I have ever seen.

Next up is the product which was created from the essence of Victoria’s “No Make Up” Make Up®. This sheer, light and oil free duo will conceal, correct and camouflage without caking or clogging your pores. I love how buildable it is! Whether you need light or full coverage, creating a beautiful canvas couldn't be easier with two skin perfecting shades that can be used alone or blended to perfectly match your complexion. This stuff is fantastic and it covered all of my problem spots.

I found the Foundation Duo to last throughout even the roughest of days. Nothing looked caked on. It blended in very nicely. The two shades really let you get the perfect match.

Finally, when you are ready to take it all off, use this gentle makeup remover. Just as important to beautiful skin as the make up you put on, is the way you take it off. This Gentle Eye & Face Make Up Remover makes it easy and refreshing. I love that it is never oily or greasy, it feels just like pure water, but works much faster, and is a lot gentler on your skin. It took off all of my makeup with ease, but it felt like nothing but water.

I was really impressed with the Victoria Jackson® products I tried. I would recommend these to anyone. I love their natural beauty philosophy too. When you look better, you feel better. And when you feel better, you can change your life. 

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